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About Us

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Who We Are

Newsweek Expert Forum is a vetted organization of senior executives, speakers, authors, and academics in business, social issues, environment, economics, government, education, health, money, sciences, technology, travel, and lifestyle.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring members together in a supportive community as they share their expertise and important ideas with the world. We provide members with vetted connections, high-quality interactions, and world-class publication opportunities.

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Sharing Expertise for the Good of All

Leaders have a wealth of wisdom and insights gained through education, career, and life. There’s a critical need to bring attention to these insights so a broader audience can learn and grow as the pace of change accelerates for humanity.

Audiences who discover and use these insights have the opportunity to carry forward what they learn and make the world a better place.

That’s why it’s so important and beneficial for leaders to have access to personal, professional, and community-wide channels of publication, connection, and communication.

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Members of the Highest Caliber

Our members are well-respected senior executives, speakers, authors, and academics in their chosen field.

Their deep expertise has led to the creation of tools, strategies, and thought processes that have changed every area of modern life.

Ultimately, their vision is to help others improve their lives through access to important ideas.

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The Community of Excellence

Within our community, we offer a private environment where members can connect, share ideas, collaborate, and publish on

We are committed to building strong networks and meaningful connections because we believe even one person’s expertise has the power to become the catalyst for many people’s success.

Now is the time for experienced professionals to bring their important ideas to a broader stage for the good of all.

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Membership in Newsweek Expert Forum is by application only. Our multi-step vetting process ensures every member is of the highest quality.

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