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Newsweek Expert Forum is an invitation-only professional organization where expert authors make strategic connections so you can share your insights with a world-wide audience.


Connect With Authors

Connect with Leaders

Network with creative and innovative expert authors and influentially share your message with the right people.

Every member of Newsweek Expert Forum has been thoroughly vetted, which means every person you meet can offer you meaningful support, accountability, and connections.

You’ll find established expert authors in a variety of industries including business, health, money, science, sports, travel & lifestyle, and technology.

Share your message

Publish on

Share your message

Membership in Newsweek Expert Forum includes the exclusive opportunity to publish on

Your ideas and insights can inspire, educate, and influence public debate, whether you want to be a frequent contributor or just post a few times a year.

The more impactful and insightful your published pieces, the more likely audiences are to pay attention.

Discover new ideas

Discover New Ideas

Discover New Ideas

Newsweek Expert Forum brings together significant expert authors through virtual events to share personal discoveries, best practices for growing your expert author business, and unique points of view.

Events are interactive so you can immerse yourself in a sea of ideas––in your industry and across industries.

The insights you experience will help you hone your message, expand your audience, and increase your impact, influence, and income.

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Reputable Connections and Insights

Prominent Connections and Insights

Reputable Connections and Insights

Newsweek Expert Forum members provide a wealth of insights and ideas they are willing to give and receive. 

Whether you are meeting in person or online, it’s critical to discover and get to know people with similar interests, so you can help and encourage each other.

In Newsweek Expert Forum you connect with other ambitious, inquisitive, successful authors, each of whom has a network of similar connections to introduce to you.

You can participate and connect in active forum discussions at any time. Or, you can reach out to the concierge team to help you make a direct introduction to an individual member.


Increase Your Influence; Grow Your Audience

Increase Your Influence And Authority

Members have the opportunity to publish their professional, expert insights on

Published articles attract the attention of people who are excited about what you do and want to learn more. Publication also:

  • Highlights your expertise
  • Opens the door for conversations about your expertise
  • Amplifies credibility and authority for your events, speeches, blogs, and social posts

The entire publication process is guided by the dedicated editorial team so your articles are polished and publication-ready.

Even though you’re an author, finding the time to write and simultaneously keep up a thriving business can be a challenge.

Our Content Studio team can write or repurpose articles for you based on your other writings and expertise.*

*Additional charge applies

Increase Your Influence And Authority


Network Across Industries

Powerful Connections That Build A Flourishing Business

Network Across Industries

Virtual events connect you to Forum members who bring their own set of connections and valuable insights. Support your own goals and priorities by sharing what you know with your peers, and watch how you all expand your business opportunities.

At each event you’ll be able to meet with peers who are just as driven as you are to achieve high standards of excellence. 

You’ll be able to discuss: “what’s working now”; best practices; new perspectives; and how to avoid common mistakes. 

Accountability, questions, opportunities for growth and leadership… The Newsweek Expert Forum will be your go-to resource for “all things business”!

Events are peer-driven because we believe the best learning comes from connecting with other experts who can share what’s working right now to grow their businesses.


Highlight Your Membership on All Platforms

Members get exclusive access to Newsweek Expert Forum’s web badges, decals, and press release templates. You can display member badges on your website, newsletters, publications, and digital signatures to highlight your membership in Newsweek Expert Forum.

badges Badges
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Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

Members get a public executive member profile on

It contains your professional bio, website, company description, and links to your preferred social media.

Most importantly, it displays links to articles you’ve published on, so people can quickly find your published pieces.


Access from Anywhere

Access from Anywhere

Newsweek Expert Forum members-only mobile app is the best way to stay connected to the group from anywhere.

You can:

  • view member profiles
  • participate in conversations
  • submit quotes for publication
  • browse the member directory by location and industry

… all from your mobile device.

Access from Anywhere


Business and lifestyle benefits

Elite Travel

Get access to EXEC, the travel program that brings you into a world of luxury privileges and experiences.

EXEC offers privately negotiated rates for hotel, transportation, lifestyle, and vacations. You also get discounts for leading nightlife, fitness, dining, and apparel brands.

Exclusively for Newsweek Expert Forum members. It’s time to make travel a rewarding experience again.

Elite Travel


Your Success Is Our Passion

Your Success Is Our Passion

Your Success Is Our Passion

Our support and editorial teams are an elite group of professionals who are dedicated to helping you craft publication-ready professional insights and network within the group.

They work hard to support members by answering questions, providing information or recommendations, and moderating discussion threads to ensure a safe and productive place for all members.

You can reach support via email, chat, and phone. All support requests are handled quickly and you'll always get a human (not a bot).

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