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Publishing on adds credibility and authority to your entire public relations strategy, whether you’re a frequent contributor or just want to post a few times a year.

Getting your ideas in front of the right people will allow you to educate, influence public debate, and build inclusivity through sharing public-facing, accessible information.

Connect With Like-Minded Peers

Fostering connectivity with your peers helps you grow a strong foundation for your pursuits, without being dependent on the whims of the changing social landscape.

The key to success is keeping your networks strong and continuing to grow them. In Newsweek Expert Forum, you can position yourself as an authority and lead conversations that matter.

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Leaders in a variety of fields use Newsweek Expert Forum to learn, grow, and discover new ideas.

At a time when things are rapidly changing worldwide, now is the best time to focus on professional and personal growth. Our virtual events bring the brightest minds together, so you get access to ideas and tools at the forefront of human thought.


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Newsweek Expert Forum provides members the exclusive opportunity to publish on

Your published articles can help you:

  • Attract the attention of people who are excited about what you do and want to exchange ideas
  • Start and lead conversations about your research, expertise, and cross-cultural travel
  • Build credibility and add authority to your other blogs, articles, and social posts

Limited time to write? Our dedicated editorial team will guide you through the writing and publishing process, or let our Content Studio team write an article for you based on your expertise.

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Members get exclusive access to Newsweek Expert Forum’s web badges, decals, and press release templates. You can display the member badge at your physical location and on your website, newsletters, publications, and digital signatures to substantiate your membership in the Newsweek Expert Forum community.

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Newsweek Expert Forum community members focus on creating meaningful conversations and sharing diverse opinions.

Conversations cover a wide range of ideas, because each member has a deep background in their area of expertise.

You can participate and connect in active forum discussions at any time. Or, you can reach out to the concierge team to help you make a direct introduction to an individual member.


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The Newsweek Expert Forum members-only mobile app helps you stay connected to the community from anywhere.

You can submit quotes for publication, participate in a conversation, or share an idea… all from your mobile device.


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Our member success and editorial teams are an elite group of professionals who are dedicated to helping you create compelling content for publication and solve challenges that might arise.