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Brooke B. Sellas founded B Squared Media in May of 2012 with the marketing mantra: Think Conversation, Not Campaign.™ Since then, Brooke and the B² Crew have become known as the ‘conversation company’ with their done-for-you social media, advertising, and online customer care solutions that focus on customer-centric strategies. Brooke Sellas has 15+ years of marketing experience, with over ten years focused specifically on social media marketing. She has taught social media classes as an adjunct professor at elite universities such as NYU and Baruch College. As a speaker, Brooke has commanded the stage at some of the largest and well-known marketing events from coast-to-coast, including Social Media Marketing World, Agents of Change, and Content Jam. More recently, Brooke Sellas joined Mark Schaefer as co-host of one of the world’s top business podcasts, “Marketing Companion.” The podcast is listed as one of the top 10 marketing podcasts on iTunes. Recent Accolades for Brooke Sellas & B Squared Media include: 2018: Brooke Sellas was awarded one of New Jersey’s ‘Top 25 Women Entrepreneurs & Brand Builders’ by LWE and New Jersey Monthly magazine 2018: Brooke Sellas was named one of the ‘Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencers’ by TopRank Marketing 2017: B Squared Media won Sprout Social’s ‘Partner of the Year’ Award Brooke Sellas


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