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Chloe Alpert is a technology entrepreneur with a focus on the commercial application of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). She specializes in the creation of software-based tools for the Venture Capital and Healthcare industries. Chloe is the former CEO and Co-founder of Medinas Health, a cloud-based asset management and reverse logistics platform that helps healthcare institutions manage the resale and redeployment of their major capital equipment. Medinas helped hospitals save millions in sales equivalency and displace an estimated 50,000 lbs of waste from landfills. She co-founded, a non-profit peer-to-peer logistics platform which helped match 821,000 masks from 6,200 donors to 7,300 healthcare providers and frontline workers during the first three months of the 2019 pandemic. Chloe also is a co-founder of the Women’s Founder Community, the largest online community for women entrepreneurs and has a passion for supporting women in entrepreneurship.

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17 Business Challenges That Double as Great Teaching Experiences

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Though an investment of time, effort and money do make entrepreneurship easier, leaders should still expect to encounter challenges. The entrepreneurial journey is full of highs and lows for every business leader. And even when a leader has considerable resources, there is no way to completely avoid encountering business challenges. While these hurdles can completely shake a business, they can also double as valuable learning experiences that help entrepreneurs grow and develop their skills as leaders. Below, 17 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one specific business challenge they believe usually results in a great teaching experience and what lessons leaders can carry forward into the future.

12 Ways Business Leaders Can Articulate a Vision With an Uncertain Future

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To survive in business long term, leaders must be able to respond and adapt to sudden changes. Nothing is ever certain in business. The products and services provided by companies solve real, current problems, but the mission that fuels a business is bound to change as time goes on. Leaders must be able to pivot and adapt their organizations in a changing environment. Despite the challenges presented by a fluctuating market or evolving times, it’s still possible to effectively make and achieve goals that help secure a business’s future. Below, members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their expert advice on the best strategy leaders can use to create a vision for the future of their organization among uncertainty.

15 Ways Business Leaders Can Approach Decision Making More Objectively

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When even small decisions can have a big impact on your business, removing bias is a critical step in the decision-making process. To be an entrepreneur is to expect change. The business world is rarely static, and leaders who are able to meet obstacles head-on and create solutions are better able to survive long term. This is why decision making plays such an important role in a successful business.  When time is limited and decisions have to be made, an objective approach can help ensure the best conclusion is reached. However, considering how big of a role people play in business and how often emotions can take over, remaining objective can be a challenge. Here, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum share strategies for letting go of assumptions and approaching the decision-making process with an unbiased view.

Struggling to Focus on Work? Try These 15 Strategies To Recenter

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When you're having trouble buckling down and focusing, taking a step back to ground yourself can help you get back on track. Some days, it’s easy to lock into a productive mindset and get everything done efficiently. Other days, it’s a little (or a lot) harder to maintain that focus. This can be especially challenging when you’re on a tight deadline or have many competing priorities. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or simply “out of it,” you know you need to recalibrate, but might not be sure where to begin. To help you recenter and get your work done, 15 members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their tried-and-true tips.

Eight Secrets To Good B2C Outreach

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Great outreach is all about understanding the needs of prospective customers and providing them with something valuable. Whether it’s through emails, webinars or phone calls, there are a variety of different ways businesses can interact with prospects. Direct outreach can help a business land sales while also building and maintaining relationships with potential and current consumers. However, at the forefront of any outreach should be the desire to meet the needs of your customer base. How can leaders conduct outreach that leads to results? Eight members of Newsweek Expert Forum share secrets that can help business leaders craft effective B2C outreach strategies and outline why these strategies are critical in today’s saturated business environment.

10 Practical Ways to Create More Inclusive Workplaces

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Actively leaning into feedback from employees can help leaders create workplaces that foster open communication. The creation of an inclusive workplace starts long before an employee officially joins an organization. It’s in the structure of decision making. It’s in the language used in the recruitment process. It’s also in the value leaders place on ensuring employees feel heard and safe once they are a part of the team.  While employers are well aware of the benefits of diversity and inclusion, they may not know the best way to go about actively implementing those initiatives in the workplace. Below, 10 members of Newsweek Expert Forum share recommendations on how leaders can practically develop and maintain inclusiveness as a core component of the workplace.

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