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My objective is simple - to help leaders and organisations beat their challenges, unleash their full potential, deliver success to achieve their vision. With insights and ideas from 30 years unique experience as a leader in military, business and government I've created a 3 step system to do just that. Enabling everyone to develop their own 3 step action plan for immediate impact. Its simply about getting done what needs to be done. In addition my insights as one of HRs Most Influential Thinkers 10 times in annual awards over past 11 years, Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at City Business School, London, and neuroscience accredited executive coach allow me to give leaders effective tools for action and success. Based on my experience I've developed a simple step by step system which achieves just that by everyone creating their own inspiring 3 step personal action plan to implement immediately to do what the organziation needs to be done. I've inspired 21,000+ leaders in 186 organizations in 28 countries, at corporate events and industry conferences, by revealing the power of their own experiences, then adding my insights, hard data, success stories and neuroscience, so everyone has the insights and tools to create their personal 3 step action plan for success. As a business and leadership expert I've been interviewed on TV 350 + times, including CNN, CNBC, BBC, quoted in Wall Street Journal, FT, Forbes, Business Week and others, written 5 books on leadership, one the 1st on strategic leaders development, and written articles for professional publications from CEO and CFO magazine to HR magazine, Healthcare and Retail. That's great but above all I'm inspired by helping others to inspire themselves to become their best selves and make their organisations successful inspiring great places to work. Its feedback like this that truly inspires me : “This was an absolutely amazing keynote that totally aligned with what I want the leadership team to do. Your message was so clear, so easy to understand. Its a true enabler to help us create value for the business going forward. It was fantastic.” - Peter Nolan, CEO BD Global Pharma.


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November 19th, 2021

Five Ways to Prepare Your Business for the 2021 Holiday Rush

Early preparation is the key to success when it comes to holiday sales and closing out the year on a high note.

November 19th, 2021

Nine Out-of-the-Box Marketing Promotions To Drive Positive Business Results

Marketing campaigns that capture and hold the attention of prospective clients increase the visibility of the organizations's brand.

November 2nd, 2021

16 Ways Businesses Can Construct and Maintain a Positive Work Culture

The work culture of a business has a direct impact on the ability of the organization to last long term. Besides the benefits on the business side, a positive work environment enhances the relationship between leaders and current and prospective employees, leading to increased retention and employee loyalty.

October 29th, 2021

Nine Strategies for Staying Lean With Business Growth

Expenses that are not kept in check can impact a business’s operations and the procedures in place that keep things running smoothly. Business growth can do wonders for increasing the reach of an organization, but leaders must be careful not to do too much too fast. One wrong decision can easily strain a limited budget.


Simply Success

Leaders and organisations success is often hindered by unexpected or hidden challenges, It’s my job to help them beat these, and get done what needs to be done. Example; up to 60% of people probably aren't giving their best, impacting performance, profits, customer service, innovation, agility, risk management. Through simple steps you can potentially get up to 30% more effort from 60% of people that could potentially put 10% on bottom line for free. My interactive tailored keynotes & Masterclasses use a simple step by step system so everyone builds a personal 3 step action plan to create a wave of energy to immediately beat their challenges. For C suite these combine into a powerful focused tool via common actions and language across the organisation to get done what needs to be done. What do people say about what was achieved ? “We had a fabulous session with Chris. He really worked his magic to bring leadership to life, when you have someone come in, read the audience and understand what we need out of them to be successful it's really inspiring. Chris has done an excellent job of reading the teams and helped us develop specific actions so we can all be better leaders.” – Head of Marketing, Dematic, Global Logistics. “I've read books and listened to talks on leadership over many years but yours was the most inspirational and sensible approach Ive heard that gave absolute clarity. I thank you for your outstanding keynote.” – Commanding Officer, British Army Medical Rgt, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.


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