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Christopher Davenport received his MBA from the University of California in September 2005 where he was recognized by his classmates as “the Most Innovative Thinker”. Before founding The 4Less Corp, Mr. Davenports’ previous business provided mobile dental services to the employees of the largest gaming corporations in the world. These contracts covered the lives of several hundred thousand employees on the Las Vegas strip. Due to the nature of the mobile facilities, Mr. Davenport implemented several new technologies at the time such as: film-less radiography, virtual patient charts and VPN networks to make for seamless quality health care. Soon after, Mr. Davenport expanded his mobile dental company to the military where he won several multiyear, multi-million dollar medical/dental National Guard Medical Readiness contracts. Mr. Davenport has a proven history of implementing innovative technologies that demonstrates his ability to lead The 4Less Corp into the future. Currently, he is the CEO/Founder at (OTCQB: FLES), the world's first automotive parts only multi-vendor marketplace.

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Company bio is the world's first enterprise automotive parts only multi-vendor marketplace. What does that mean?? Well, think "Amazon" but for automotive parts only; thousands of sellers and millions of buyers all on one simple to use platform that caters to our industry! If you make parts for Cars, Pickup-Truck, Motorcycles, Semi-Trucks, RVs, Boats, Jet-Skis, Snowmobiles, ATV/UTV you now have a home that caters to your industry. List your products now and start selling more! PS. It's way better than Amazon at a fraction of the cost!!



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