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Cynthia Salarizadeh

Founder & PresidentHouse of Saka, Inc.

Los Angeles Area

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With more than fifteen years of seasoned public relations and strategic communications expertise, Cynthia brings a critical level of professionalism to her abilities as a trusted adviser and consultant to today's cannabis industry. Cynthia has managed national and international campaigns that have successfully improved overall valuations and complete image enhancement for industries that range from gaming in Las Vegas, the runways of New York Fashion Week, globally renowned nonprofits and national trade organizations, to government bodies in our nation's capital. She has worked with the United Arab Emirates, Fortune 500 brands such as Harley Davidson and Nascar, Carl Icahn's American Casino and Entertainment Properties as well as direct experience with the Department of Defense. Within cannabis, Cynthia assisted in the launch of Cannafundr which was acquired by MJIC, as well as founded the Salar Media Group which was recently acquired by KCSA Strategic Communications, where she is now partner. She also founded AxisWire and the STAR Source Locator, as well as co-founded the industry's financial news site Green Market Report and the women's network Industry Power Women. Broad knowledge of, and experience in, international communications, media relations, strategic planning, crisis communications, branding, operations research, and analysis have defined her talents in operating successful campaigns for both the private and public sectors in the U.S. and international arena. This skill set has assisted in reversing the stigma in cannabis to help propel and advance the perception for better market conditions. Cynthia has held placements in the areas of international affairs and public policy in Washington, DC. These experiences yielded specific knowledge and proficiency in the implementation of policy objectives and public affairs programs, multinational corporation communication, stakeholder engagement, as well as international and government relations.

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House of Saka, Inc.

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House of Saka was founded in 2018 when cannabis industry insider, Cynthia Salarizadeh and wine industry veteran, Tracey Mason , came together with a mission to create the world’s most advanced line of luxury, cannabis-infused products made by and for women. Discovering a shared passion for wine, beauty products and the boundless properties of the sacred cannabis plant, the pair assembled an unparalleled group of powerful females from the both the cannabis and wine industries to help bring their mission to life and provide the foundation on which it could flourish. Launched in October of 2019, House of Saka’s Infused Beverages combines the magic of the Napa Valley with state-of-the-art infusion technology for a truly elevated cannabis experience. Sophisticated, social and simply delicious, Saka PINK and Saka WHITE deliver on the promise for a luxury infused product made by and for women that exceed expectations and help bring cannabis occasions into the mainstream.


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