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Daniel Lutz, Ph.D.

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Lutz Globe LLC – Global Leadership of Business and Education


Dan Lutz has been a teacher, program director, school principal, and designer of P-12 public schools focusing on global competencies. He now consults, writes, and speaks as a school learning design specialist on issues of learning frameworks where old school practices and structures inhibit learning in diverse enrollments.


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Lutz Globe LLC – Global Leadership of Business and Education

Lutz GLOBE education services include facilitation of new school development, focusing on design of holistically integrated elements of students’ learning context under a unique and powerful vision and mission; and provide consulting for school reinvention with learner-based learning as fundamental, as opposed to school-based learning. Lutz GLOBE business services provide consulting for evaluation and improvement of holistic training conditions to increase employee learning sustainability and subsequent creative contributions to the organization; and include facilitation of training design integrated with the leadership context of continuing professional development, in alignment with the organization’s vision and mission.


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