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Daniel Lutz, Ph.D.

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Dan Lutz has been a teacher, program director, school principal, and designer of P-12 public schools focusing on global competencies. He now consults, writes, and speaks as a school learning design specialist on issues of learning frameworks where old school practices and structures inhibit learning in diverse enrollments.

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Has School Become Misplaced?


In the fourth article in the series “Reinventing School,” dive into the limits of traditional learning within school buildings—and the opportunities that live outside school walls.

15 Strategies to Maintain Resilience as a Leader

expert panel

Over the course of their entrepreneurial journey, leaders will encounter numerous obstacles that help them grow personally and professionally. Running a business long term is never as easy as it looks. For every goal achieved and milestone met, business leaders must also expect to encounter obstacles. These can range from hiring challenges, market instability and an increasingly competitive business landscape to name a few common setbacks entrepreneurs can expect.  Still, despite the problems business leaders will inevitably encounter, it is still possible to stay the course and succeed with the right preparation, support and coping strategies. Below, 15 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one specific action or practice they rely on to maintain their resiliency.

Is a Paradigm Shift Needed for School Learning?


Here’s a step back to explain why I call this series an iterative exploration of a framework for a paradigm shift in public education systems.

Unlocking the Code to Consistent Success: 19 Strategies That Work Wonders

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Adopting tried-and-true strategies for achieving ongoing success through hard work, smart planning and unwavering dedication can help leaders advance. In the pursuit of success, it can often appear as though some individuals are blessed with luck, stumbling upon triumph by chance. Yet, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that true achievement stems from a combination of unwavering dedication, meticulous planning and strategic execution. This begs the question: What are the powerful strategies that foster consistent and repeatable success?  Below, 19 Newsweek Expert Forum members explore key strategies that pave the way for sustained success and the underlying mechanisms that make them so effective.

What’s the Problem With School Time?


The third article in the series “Reinventing School.”

13 Questions to Ask When Developing a New Business Product or Service

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Focusing on how a potential offering makes sense for the business as a whole can help guide efficient product development. Before any new product or service is rolled out on the market, entrepreneurs put a considerable amount of thought into the process. From considerations regarding the effective use of resources to discussions of whether the offering will resonate with the target audience, these are just a few of the factors that impact decision making. While entrepreneurs strive to proceed with care, some still make the fatal mistake of getting too far into the development process without having a clear understanding of where this offering fits into the bigger picture. To prevent businesses from wasting limited time, effort and money, 13 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one question leaders should ask to determine whether a prospective product or service is in line with their company mission and goals. 

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Lutz Globe LLC – Global Leadership of Business and Education

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Lutz GLOBE education services include facilitation of new school development, focusing on design of holistically integrated elements of students’ learning context under a unique and powerful vision and mission; and provide consulting for school reinvention with learner-based learning as fundamental, as opposed to school-based learning. Lutz GLOBE business services provide consulting for evaluation and improvement of holistic training conditions to increase employee learning sustainability and subsequent creative contributions to the organization; and include facilitation of training design integrated with the leadership context of continuing professional development, in alignment with the organization’s vision and mission.



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