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DO YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED BY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY? YOUR LEADERS: ❌ Are constantly stressed and regularly seek your guidance ❌ Are having trouble making important decisions ❌ Are on the brink of burning out If so, you need a system to create and maintain sustainable and scalable educational leadership pipelines, and that is exactly what I do. IN THE EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY: ❌ Your leaders are rarely given any meaningful leadership development opportunities ❌ When they do, it is usually a one-shot deal with no job-specific or role-specific follow-up. ❌ Your leaders are isolated and lack a system to address their daily leadership challenges. ❌ In the absence of that leadership system, they turn to you for all of their needs concerning guidance and support. ❌ 17% of principals do not serve the same school two years in a row ❌ 45% of superintendents don’t last more than three years ❌ In our most impoverished school districts, 71% of Superintendents don’t last more than three years! My name is Dr. Donna Marie Cozine and for the past 20 years, I have honed my leadership skills, as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Director of Curriculum, Principal and as the CEO/Founder of the Renaissance Academy Charter School for the Arts. I know the importance of having a strong, highly effective team that will help organizations reach their goals. I have personally grown and matured the leadership pipeline in my organization and have helped many leaders do the same. I love taking that knowledge, and experience, and helping schools and districts to do the same. My team and I help you to develop a consistent system of talent development that will ensure that your organization of educational leadership is highly successful. How Can I Help You? I can help any superintendent go from overwhelmed to overjoyed and provide you with a system for creating and nurturing educational leaders on a more consistent and predictable basis. To book a FREE call with me go here; MY WORK HAS BEEN FEATURED IN/ON: The List TV, Principal Magazine, TechRound, Medium, Authority Magazine, an ASCD publication, Local ABC and CBS channels, WXXI, Rochester Business Journal, College Board Publications, multiple podcasts, and WDKX radio in Rochester.


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