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Emily Thompson is a long-time business coach and creative warrior, helping retailers, makers, coaches, and designers develop an online business model and grow their creative business. She is also the founder of Almanac Supply Co., a retail business that makes and curates products that help people connect with nature.

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10 Practical Ways to Build Company Resilience

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Resilience is a key characteristic of every successful and sustainable business. The ability to stand tall through economic downfalls and other obstacles that might impact your business is crucial. However, building a resilient business isn’t easy. To help, 10 members of Newsweek Expert Forum shared practical ways companies can build their resilience. Here are their recommended methods and why following them is critical in today’s world.

Eight Effective Ways Leaders Can Sustain Mental Wellness Under Pressure

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Business leaders have a lot to take care of, but self-care is of paramount importance if they want to keep performing at their best. As an industry leader, you have to deal with countless stressors, from the pressures of business management to the well-being of your employees and other stakeholders.  It can be difficult to find time for yourself when dealing with all these concerns. However, if you don’t prioritize your emotional health and fill your own cup, you’ll be too depleted and burnt out to take care of your business’s needs. To help, eight members of Newsweek Expert Forum shared ways industry leaders can maintain their own mental wellness while tending to their leadership duties. Follow their tips for better balance and overall well-being.

13 Ways to Maintain Brand Relevance Amidst Changing Industry Trends

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Your industry is constantly changing. Learn how to change your brand along with it. An industry never remains the same for too long. There will always be new trends or developments on the horizon, and if a brand doesn’t evolve, it will soon be forgotten.  However, there are ways to keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers and industry peers. The key is being able to adapt and adjust your strategy to suit the times. To help you do this, a panel of Newsweek Expert Forum members shared ways institutions can maintain relevance amidst the constant shifting trends and challenges in their industry.

Nine Effective Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

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In the current market, keeping your customers around is more important than ever. Here's how to build a loyal audience. Consumers today have become increasingly more cognizant of how and where they spend their money. People want to engage with brands that not only add value to their lives, but ones whose values and messaging resonate with them. That’s why it’s more important than ever to forge and continuously develop connections with their audience. To help, nine members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their top tips for industry leaders looking to retain customers and build loyalty.

Want to Have More 'Breakthrough' Conversations in Your Business? 11 Key Strategies for Success

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If you want your business and your team to keep growing and evolving, you need to have breakthrough conversations that get you to the next level. Initiating and fostering the exchange of ideas is essential for moving a business forward. It can be tricky to encourage these discussions to happen organically. However, if done right, sparking these “breakthrough” conversations can lead to the next innovative breakthrough for your business. The best way to create a safe and open dialogue for teams, business partners and other industry leaders starts with your willingness to create it as a business owner. Below, 11 members of Newsweek Expert Forum each explain one key factor in opening up your business to these breakthrough conversations. 

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Being Boss® is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon. Our listeners are the rebels, the quiet ones, the schemers, and the dreamers! So our stories, advice, and interviews are about "being boss" the way we choose and being who we are in work and life! We love sharing ‘you got this’ confidence, and ‘let’s get real’ advice from other boss guests, as well as our own experiences doing the work, making it happen (and what we’re still making up along the way).



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