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Gil Tomer

Co-Founder & Chief Operating OfficerAirovation Technologies

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Member Since June 2023


Experienced multidisciplinary executive with a demonstrated history of entrepreneurship, operation management and value creation.

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The Road to a Net Zero Carbon Future


Although still being scaled, CCUS technologies are the bridge that we can build, here and now, to keep navigating toward a net zero carbon future.

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Airovation Technologies

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Airovation Technologies is a leading climate-tech provider of carbon-capture solutions, enabling hard-to-abate industries to achieve net-zero targets through its proprietary mineralization technology. By capturing and utilizing post-combustion carbon-dioxide emissions at the point source, Airovation offers a complete CCUS solution to industrial emitters, bypassing the need for additional infrastructure such as long-haul pipelines and sequestration wells. Airovation’s proprietary second-generation process mineralizes carbon emissions at over 90% efficiency to co-produce sulfuric acid and calcium carbonate in a profitable and scalable operation. As a high-value chemical byproduct of the company’s proprietary process, sulfuric acid — the world’s most widely used inorganic chemical, primarily in the manufacturing of fertilizer, precious metals, and chemicals — is sold at a purity level as high as 98%. Precipitated calcium carbonate — used in cement, plastics, flue-gas desulfurization, and more — can either be stored as a durable CO2 storage method for up to 1,000 years or sold as a product within a circular economy. Airovation is building a global network of partners to build the necessary infrastructure that will unlock the immense value of its proprietary utilization technology.



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