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Family Business USA assists family businesses with uncertainly surrounding succession, conflict resolution, improved communication, and enhancement of business operations. We also speak, write, and give seminars across the US about the various dynamics of family business. What makes Family Business USA unique that we come from our own family business, Olan Mills Portrait Studios, have backgrounds in Psychology, MBAs, and have hands-on operational experience of running a business. We take a completely comprehensive approach to working with family business. There can be issues with addictions such as drugs and alcohol, mental disorder, conflict, legal and tax issues, insurance, even HR and personnel issues, turnarounds and business growth. If it is affecting the performance of the business or the functioning of the family, we address it. Family Business USA believes that Family Businesses are a System comprised of the Family, the Business, and the Owners. As such, changes in one area can impact entirely different areas. Think of a divorce, a family member joining or leaving the business, or alcoholism. This dynamic must be understood in order to be effective in addressing family business issues. Family Business USA consulting helps family members in business communicate better with each other, and plan for succession.


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Family Business USA

Family Business USA is dedicated to assisting family businesses through the succession process, while achieving two goals: Maintaining family harmony and the wealth created by the business. One without the other is useless. While best practices and models are employed, there is no predetermined process or outcome. Each family business is unique. What we bring is three fold: backgrounds in psychology, extensive business operating experience, and experience with our own family business. We understand the importance of family relationships and the complexities of business, with the compassion of having shared similar experiences.