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Co-founder of eWireless and Author of Remote Work Technology; keeping your small business thriving from anywhere. Writer, arts advocate, entrepreneur, and author Henry Kurkowski is a pioneer in managed WiFi technologies and digital engagement. He's an experienced founding partner in up-start technology companies with a long history in the telecommunications and SaaS industries. He has helped thousands of small businesses across the US to leverage remote technologies and digital communications to automate operations, increase engagement and boost the bottom line.

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13 Steps for Leaders to Take When Making Internal Cultural Changes

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To make lasting, sustainable change, leaders have to be willing to throughly examine their existing culture and make needed changes. A business’s culture is its organizational backbone. As potential customers and employees have become increasingly interested in learning what a business is all about beyond its product or service offerings, culture can set an organization apart from its competitors on the market.  Leaders, however, have to be mindful of the culture that is created and preserved. Maintaining the wrong kind of culture is an action that can devastate a brand long term, but the damage can be reduced if leaders seriously commit to making a change. To help, 13 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one essential step leaders must take when they begin the work of cultural change.

20 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Hinder Leadership Success

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Doing a thorough examination of their own habits can help leaders see which behaviors are holding them back. Leaders play an essential role in organizations, helping to establish workplace culture and acting as examples for employees to model their behavior after. When leaders have good habits, it results in increased satisfaction, productivity and morale in employees. However, when leaders have bad habits, even when the intention isn’t to set a bad example, it limits and decreases the amount of success a leader and business can achieve. To help leaders identify which habits they should consider eliminating completely, 20 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one seemingly harmless habit that can actually hinder leadership success.

Got a Business Idea? 15 Tips for Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In

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For a business to succeed, entrepreneurs have to know how to effectively pitch and get stakeholder onboard with every new initiative. No matter how good a business idea may seem, every new initiative will not have complete buy-in from stakeholders at the start. No matter whether it’s investors, employees, partners or consumers, the onus is on the entrepreneur to present a worthy pitch, gain support and address concerns that may arise from the audience.  While this process may seem straightforward, the challenge lies in devising a plan to put any and all doubts from stakeholders at ease. As leaders, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum know that full support for business ideas is critical to success. To help, they offer strategies entrepreneurs can use to approach changing someone's mind and gaining buy-in from stakeholders.

Companies Should Lean into The Great Rethink


Three lessons we learned during the shift to remote work can help companies better navigate the Great Rethink.

15 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Tech Investments as an SME

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When choosing a technology solution for your SME, it's important to understand the business value you'll be getting for your money. Technology can certainly be an investment, especially for small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Many programs cost a lot of money upfront and may not end up serving the needs your business has. That's why it's so important to carefully choose which technologies your business invests in. This often entails doing some market research and understanding exactly how a tech tool might be able to solve your business needs. Below, 15 Newsweek Expert Forum members shared their insights to help SMEs optimize their technological investments. 

13 Entrepreneurs Share the One Lesson That Has Most Impacted Their Business

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Entrepreneurial lessons are learned every single day, but some have a greater effect on the future of your business than others. Every new opportunity, challenge and experience in the business world is a potential lesson for an entrepreneur. Some circumstances can teach useful tidbits that a business owner can pull out of their proverbial back pocket when needed. Others have a much more tangible effect and change the course of a founder's entrepreneurial future. A panel of Newsweek Expert Forum members reflected on their own entrepreneurial journeys and the biggest lessons they've learned along the way. Below, 13 of them shared a lesson that has made a huge impact on their business in the long run and how they've applied it to their strategy for success.

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Founded in 2002, eWireless is a leader in the architecture, management, deployment and support of innovative wireless broadband solutions. We provide comprehensive end-to-end services that make any size wireless deployment painless. From wireless consulting to mapping, installation, management and support eWireless can assist at any level. We are experienced in utilizing wireless technologies to their fullest potential to enhance amenities, attract business, gain attention and increase the bottom line. We offer a wide range of economical business models to help our clients achieve multiple goals simultaneously.



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