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Ian Wilding is a renowned leader in digital strategy, financial services, entrepreneurship, and venture capital, with a track record spanning over two decades. As the Founder and CEO of Hangar 75, Ian is at the forefront of identifying and validating emerging opportunities in Tiny Homes & Off-grid Technologies, Cyber Security, Mental Well-being, and Education. His strategic vision and unwavering dedication to creating a sustainable future have established Hangar 75 as a global leader in venture acceleration. With a focus on high-growth ventures that drive positive impact, Hangar 75 aims to support over 1,500 early-stage ventures with $1.5 billion in capital, including $150 million dedicated to quantifiable ESG initiatives. Before founding Hangar 75, Ian co-founded Radical Company, an esteemed European innovation agency, where he developed groundbreaking strategies for some of the world's most innovative brands. He also launched Join Sam, a pioneering global bank for children, with a mission to promote financial literacy and inclusion. Ian's expertise has made him a sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences and events worldwide, where he shares insights on financial inclusion, millennial financing trends, venture growth acceleration, risk mitigation, and the future of early-stage investing. He has also served on a UK government committee focused on leveraging technology to enhance banking services for underserved communities. Ian holds a BSc (Hons) in Physical Education, Sports Science, and Recreation Management from Loughborough University. With an unwavering passion for innovation, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and a strategic focus on venture acceleration and capital, Ian Wilding continues to drive remarkable contributions in the realms of digital strategy and entrepreneurship. His leadership solidifies his standing as a global thought leader and catalyst for transformative change.

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The Dance of Founders: The Unsung Power of Co-Founders in Bridging Gaps


In a world that champions individual brilliance, let's take a moment to appreciate the collaborative symphonies that truly drive innovation and success.

20 Unique Ways to Give Employees the Flexibility They Crave

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Hangar 75 is a visionary Venture Accelerator with a clear mission: to accelerate the growth trajectory of over 1,500 global ventures. We empower founders and corporations to thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape through strategic go-to-market partnerships, access to capital sources, and expert advisory services. With a curated ecosystem of ventures across diverse industries, we foster a collaborative environment where entrepreneurship and innovation flourish. Our commitment to driving sustainable growth and fostering ESG-focused initiatives sets us apart.



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