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I’m the co-founder and CEO of Careswitch. I started Careswitch because I saw from an early age the important, yet undervalued, role caregivers play in our society. My mom was a home health aide when my family immigrated to the US and eventually grew to become a nursing director at a home care agency where I took a summer job. Prior to Careswitch, I was on the founding team of Quartet Health, a successful venture backed company, where I led product development of the mental health professional product line. I was also chosen for Peter Thiel's "20 Under 20" Fellowship which recognized young people who wanted to build new things rather than sit in a classroom.


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Careswitch is creating a network where everyone in the home care community can prosper. In-home care is the critical, but underserved foundation of our health care. The industry is home to thousands of local entrepreneurs and a diverse population of essential workers who overcome low wages and inconsistent schedules to deliver care to millions. But, the industry's thin margins and high turnover rates prevent too many from achieving the economic dignity they deserve. Our mission is to redesign the business of home care to increase opportunity and improve quality of life for everyone involved. We’re assembling a digital network of home care providers, caregivers, and families that use modern tools and compliant information sharing to create a more stable, coordinated home care experience. Agencies can reduce tasks that eat into their margins and caregivers can easily work across multiple agencies to earn more wages and meet the increasing demands of in-home care. Together, we create consistency, transparency, and use our scale to unlock more economic opportunity. Today, Careswitch offers an all-in-one software platform that simplifies and automates the essential tasks of a home care business. The surprisingly simple software handles the complexities of care planning, scheduling, documentation, and full-service payroll. It also includes the only caregiver app proven to help caregivers complete care tasks and reduce errors. Founders Ilya Vakhutinsky and Mark Fayngersh incorporate their backgrounds in digital health, entrepreneurship, and design into every aspect of Careswitch. Ilya, the son of a caregiver and a recipient of Peter Thiel’s 20 Under 20 Fellowship, worked with Mark to develop the digital platform at Quartet Health before coming together with a team of designers and advisors to create Careswitch. The growing team supports thousands of daily users while working to create a more prosperous home care industry.


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