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Ivan Ravlich

CEO, Founder

Hypernet Labs

San Francisco Bay Area

Ivan is CEO and co-founder of Hypernet Labs. While running large scale simulations on extended theories of gravity for his doctoral research at Stanford, Ivan realized that the bottleneck of innovation in nearly every scientific field is the lack of easily accessible parallel computation. This inspired him to work with Todd Chapman on the development of a brand new parallel programming model that could bypass previous resource and technological hurdles to solve problems that were once intractable. Ivan was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2020.


  • Software Development


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Hypernet Labs

Hypernet Labs creates and streamlines cutting edge cyberinfrastructure. Our feature product, the Galileo web app, allows data analysts, engineers, and scientists to run their code on cloud and other remote machines easily and seamlessly. The Hypernet Protocol is a blockchain enabled marketplace for compute, where individuals and companies can securely buy and sell computing power.


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