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I believe in transformational Leaders. They are magnets for positive value. They activate winning conditions that increase profit, inspire people and accelerate healthy company growth. I work with high achieving leaders and their teams to help them win more of what they want, faster and better. I do this by leveraging behavioral, operational, emotional and readiness intelligence to insure gals and objectives are met or exceeded. 5 areas of client value are; Organizational Growth, Sales Leadership, Succession, Leader & High Potentials Coaching & Hiring-for-Fit. Leaders and their teams significantly improve organizational health, optimism and confidence. They gain more operational power, control and richer ROI. They feel more secure by predicting growth restraints before they occur. My 30+ year approach is ROI focused, data-driven and evidence-based. A suite of integrated, scientific, brain-based assessments tools uncovers intelligence needed to gain winning results. Clients benefit from my extensive, expertise and skills, gained as a former Monk, CMO, advertising sales SVP, media network COO/President. I am certified in DISC Behaviors, Motivation, EQ, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Design Thinking & Organizational Growth Strategy. My company, WinThinking, is a performance improvement corporation, serving clients globally. Former Monk and Limoncello producer. Saw Beatles. Know the walrus was John.

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Welcome Into The Twilight Zone Of Leadership


Find ways to embrace the paradoxes, challenge the norms, and illuminate the world with your unique brand of leadership

Unlocking the Code to Consistent Success: 19 Strategies That Work Wonders

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Adopting tried-and-true strategies for achieving ongoing success through hard work, smart planning and unwavering dedication can help leaders advance. In the pursuit of success, it can often appear as though some individuals are blessed with luck, stumbling upon triumph by chance. Yet, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that true achievement stems from a combination of unwavering dedication, meticulous planning and strategic execution. This begs the question: What are the powerful strategies that foster consistent and repeatable success?  Below, 19 Newsweek Expert Forum members explore key strategies that pave the way for sustained success and the underlying mechanisms that make them so effective.

How Leaders Can Actively Support Employee Development

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Offering resources and opportunities for employees to further develop skills helps ensure the creation of a supportive workplace.  Every employee starts out with certain skills that help them do their job, as well as the expectation that they’ll pick up other needed skills along the way. These skills can be learned in one’s own time or gleaned from a mentor; however, for an employee to truly progress and move to the next level, there needs to be support from leadership. To provide some guidance on how to do that, 11 Newsweek Expert Forum members share essential steps for creating a workplace that actively supports the personal and professional development of its employees.

Feeling Burnt Out? 12 Ways Managers Can Get Back on Track

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As burnout continues to negatively impact employees on all levels, it's essential to build in processes to mitigate it. Accepting a leadership role comes with the recognition that managing others will not be an easy endeavor. Between ensuring business goals are continually being set and met and taking care of the personal and professional needs of the employees working with you, being a manager can take a heavy toll. Combine these duties with the stress of the last few years and you’ve got a recipe for manager burnout. To help these leaders tackle and manage their burnout, 12 members from Newsweek Expert Forum each offer advice on how managers can reduce the stress and successfully get back in the game.

Got a Business Idea? 15 Tips for Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In

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For a business to succeed, entrepreneurs have to know how to effectively pitch and get stakeholder onboard with every new initiative. No matter how good a business idea may seem, every new initiative will not have complete buy-in from stakeholders at the start. No matter whether it’s investors, employees, partners or consumers, the onus is on the entrepreneur to present a worthy pitch, gain support and address concerns that may arise from the audience.  While this process may seem straightforward, the challenge lies in devising a plan to put any and all doubts from stakeholders at ease. As leaders, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum know that full support for business ideas is critical to success. To help, they offer strategies entrepreneurs can use to approach changing someone's mind and gaining buy-in from stakeholders.

15 Best Practices for Engaging Employees in the Company Culture

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Creating an engaging workplace culture is all about putting structures in place to meet company goals and address employee needs. For a business to succeed today, an engaged workforce can make all the difference. With the workplace being more distributed across geographical areas than ever, establishing and maintaining a company culture that effectively engages all employees is a growing challenge. That’s why it is essential for leaders to adopt practices that balance the needs of the business with the desires of employees. Before making any internal changes to how the company operates, determining the best way to create an environment that supports employees is a great first step for ensuring employees feel valued. Below, 15 members of Newsweek Expert Forum provide tips for business leaders interested in keeping their employees engaged with the culture of the company.

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WinThinking supports leaders and teams, win more of what they want. WinThinking leverages behavioral, operational, organizational, emotional and perceptual intelligence, to bring about better and richer outcomes for all concerned.



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