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Jennifer Bryant

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Jennifer is a consulting executive with a mission to help leaders and organizations unlock the value of their talent to create meaningful change. Over her decade-plus management consulting career, she has established a track record of building resilient teams and partnering to deliver client solutions spanning industries and geographies. Her core areas of subject-matter expertise include organizational effectiveness, business transformation and program leadership. She brings growth-oriented, curiosity-led, human-centric approaches to simplify the complex and manifest results. She holds a Masters' in Business Administration degree from Rice University and a Bachelors' degree in Finance from Texas A&M University. Outside of work, Jennifer is an avid reader, traveler, yogi and outdoor enthusiast.

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20 Specific Ways Executives Can Reenergize Mid-Level Leaders

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Creating a workplace environment where all employees feel able to communicate their needs is critical to retaining your team. Every business goes through busy and stressful times. While many organizations are able to navigate and overcome these hurdles, it can result in leaders experiencing burnout. This is especially true for mid-level leaders as they tend to direct many different moving parts and interact with individual team members. Fortunately, with the proactive support of the executive team, there are tactics that can be utilized to mitigate or prevent burnout and reinvigorate mid-level leaders. To help, 20 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one way the executive team can help mid-level leaders get reenergized when they are feeling burned out.

15 Strategies to Find New Business Opportunities in a Market Downturn

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Though an uncertain market can be challenging for entrepreneurs, it can also be an opportunity to grow. While market downturns can devastate companies across industries, they can also be full of potential. By leaning in on being agile and flexible, business leaders can effectively navigate uncertainty, find new opportunities and execute needed change.  As experts, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum members have dealt with their own share of market challenges. Below, 15 of them each share one way companies can look for new business opportunities in a market downturn and secure a bright future.

When Servant Leadership Becomes a Disservice


Under the guise of service, many leaders become fixers who are actively hindering the growth of their people—breaking this cycle is key to becoming a true servant leader.

20 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Hinder Leadership Success

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Doing a thorough examination of their own habits can help leaders see which behaviors are holding them back. Leaders play an essential role in organizations, helping to establish workplace culture and acting as examples for employees to model their behavior after. When leaders have good habits, it results in increased satisfaction, productivity and morale in employees. However, when leaders have bad habits, even when the intention isn’t to set a bad example, it limits and decreases the amount of success a leader and business can achieve. To help leaders identify which habits they should consider eliminating completely, 20 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one seemingly harmless habit that can actually hinder leadership success.

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