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Jennifer Thompson

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New Jersey

Jennifer Thompson is the Chief Executive Officer of i-tri. She's a social worker, organizer and passionate advocate for girls. She graduated from Kansas State University with a B.S. in Social Work and obtained her MSW from Columbia University in 2005. Ms. Thompson has worked in the nonprofit and public sector for more than a decade, serving in programmatic, advocacy and management roles. She began her career at the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission and served as a Sr. Adviser to Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a number of citywide initiatives including homeless services, affordable housing, transportation and infrastructure. In the nonprofit sector, she developed programs funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for young breast cancer survivors at Sharsheret, and served as the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Girl Scouts, where she led advocacy initiatives that included a collaboration with the office of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and her initiative, Let Girls Learn. Prior to stepping into the role at i-tri, Ms. Thompson served as the Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers in New Jersey and Delaware. Ms. Thompson resides in New Jersey with her husband, son and large bernedoodle Penelope. They are active in sports and their community, serving on committees engaged in social justice and race equity.


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i-tri focuses on working with middle-school girls because research shows that the largest drop in self-esteem occurs during early adolescence. 69% of elementary school-aged girls reported being “happy the way I am.” That figure plummets to 29% for high school girls. i-tri girls learn to believe in themselves, and that can change everything. Along the journey to the finish line of a youth distance triathlon, our girls discover that they are capable, strong and brave. They make connections that show them that while they are unique, they’re definitely not alone. Side by side, with new friends, i-tri girls learn to go inward to find their own strengths and to help others find theirs. i-tri girls are not triathletes. Rather, we use the sport of triathlon to give them a goal that is seemingly impossible, that is overwhelming and scary. And then we give them the physical and mental tools to achieve that goal. 2020 challenged us to pivot to a virtual program and demonstrated how important our Empowerment and Fitness sessions are as mental health and social emotional learning tools for our girls.