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Jesse Weinberg

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Global Yodel Media Group

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Jesse Weinberg is the founder of digital publication who's contributing network has a reach of over 250 million followers and Global Yodel Media Group (, a creative agency specializing in influence marketing, social media, new media and innovative content creation.


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Global Yodel Media Group

Global Yodel is a travel site, but not just another travel website. Its an experience! We feature the most amazing photography and local secrets that you wont find in a guidebook or web search. Global Yodel is a web based community that beautifully looks at destinations around the world from the perspective of the local. Its based on one simple idea: your home city is someone else's destination. We marry creativity and the arts with travel and exploration to create a platform and pathway for our community to connect with one another and inspire one another. Because its an experience we can't possibly explain it with words. You have to go experience this for yourself. Check out and let us know what you think. Global Yodel works with brands and destinations to beautifully tell their story. Through innovative content marketing we make online advertising more beautiful and effective.


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