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John Butler

CSO and FounderQuantumcyte, Inc

San Francisco Bay Area

Member Since December 2020


Artificial Intelligence


I have over 25 years of experience, doing basic research, development, and manufacturing at Affymax Research Institute, Applied Biosystems, and Pacific Biosciences. My career has focused on developing technologies that advance biological research and inventing novel platforms. Currently, as the CSO and founder of Quantumcyte, my team is building a platform for personalized medicine. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to evaluate a patient’s biopsy and identify high-value cells to interrogate for genetic analysis (DNA/RNA Sequencing). Then it correlates the spatial context of the biopsy with the genetic data to provide a precise diagnosis and treatment plan focused on the most aggressive and lethal cancer cells. These capabilities are unique to our platform and accomplished by using digital pathology, advanced ink-jet printing, proprietary chemistry, and AI.

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Quantumcyte, Inc

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Advancing Molecular Pathology at the Cellular Level Our mission is to provide tools to the clinical and diagnostics markets that allow them to accelerate the development of clinical and diagnostic tests for patients. We want to get every patient the information they need to treat their disease as quickly as possible. A little known fact is that approximately 25% of all patients that get their disease tested do not get the information they need to treat their disease. We solve this problem. We are currently working with hospitals globally to solve this problem and are getting results. We are an early stage healthtech company located in Silicon Valley. We are a group of technology developers and business people that have created a product that provides the clinical markets with a new set of capbilities that do not currently exist.



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