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As a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Virtual Presenter and Leadership Development Consultant at Crawford Leadership Strategies, Joyel helps others expertly navigate every step of their career. Prior to her consulting career, Joyel supported professionals within all functional groups for 18 years at Verizon Wireless. Throughout her career she worked in Leadership & Executive Development, EEO/AA/Employee Relations, Staffing, Professional Mentoring and Learning & Development Training. She was a Manager of Management and Employee Development in charge of the Leadership Development programs for 30K employees. Joyel also hosts a podcast called “Career View Mirror®” and she’s the Bestselling author of her first book "Show Your Ask: Using Your Voice to Advocate for Yourself and Your Career." Born and raised in New Jersey, Joyel graduated Cum Laude at Elon University with a Psychology degree as an Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellow. Joyel obtained her MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a concentration in Management. Joyel is a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC). She also holds PHR, SHRM-CP(retired), DISC, and Birkman Assessment certifications. She is a member of Forbes Coaches Council, Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches and the Society for Human Resource Management.

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20 Specific Ways Executives Can Reenergize Mid-Level Leaders

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Creating a workplace environment where all employees feel able to communicate their needs is critical to retaining your team. Every business goes through busy and stressful times. While many organizations are able to navigate and overcome these hurdles, it can result in leaders experiencing burnout. This is especially true for mid-level leaders as they tend to direct many different moving parts and interact with individual team members. Fortunately, with the proactive support of the executive team, there are tactics that can be utilized to mitigate or prevent burnout and reinvigorate mid-level leaders. To help, 20 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one way the executive team can help mid-level leaders get reenergized when they are feeling burned out.

20 Seemingly Harmless Habits That May Hinder Leadership Success

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Doing a thorough examination of their own habits can help leaders see which behaviors are holding them back. Leaders play an essential role in organizations, helping to establish workplace culture and acting as examples for employees to model their behavior after. When leaders have good habits, it results in increased satisfaction, productivity and morale in employees. However, when leaders have bad habits, even when the intention isn’t to set a bad example, it limits and decreases the amount of success a leader and business can achieve. To help leaders identify which habits they should consider eliminating completely, 20 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one seemingly harmless habit that can actually hinder leadership success.

18 Effective Ways Introverted Leaders Can Conquer Networking

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While business can sometimes seem like an extrovert’s playground, introverted leaders can network effectively with other professionals to build lasting relationships. As a leader, being able to make solid connections with professionals in and outside of one’s industry is key to running a successful business. Though introverted leaders may dread networking, the long-term benefits of cultivating both personal and professional business relationships can significantly boost a business and give a leader access to new opportunities.  From scouting potential contacts online to joining community organizations with a focus on their hobbies, there are numerous ways for reserved leaders to put themselves out there without it being too much of an obstacle. Below, 18 Newsweek Expert Forum members offer advice on how introverted leaders can overcome the challenge of networking while making it more natural and fun.

15 Strategies to Maintain Resilience as a Leader

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Over the course of their entrepreneurial journey, leaders will encounter numerous obstacles that help them grow personally and professionally. Running a business long term is never as easy as it looks. For every goal achieved and milestone met, business leaders must also expect to encounter obstacles. These can range from hiring challenges, market instability and an increasingly competitive business landscape to name a few common setbacks entrepreneurs can expect.  Still, despite the problems business leaders will inevitably encounter, it is still possible to stay the course and succeed with the right preparation, support and coping strategies. Below, 15 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one specific action or practice they rely on to maintain their resiliency.

14 Effective Ways Leaders Can Better Manage Their Teams To Drive Growth

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To continuously drive business growth, leaders have to be more willing to lean on their employees and ask for help. At times, leadership can be a heavy burden. For some, being a strong leader means subscribing to the idea that a leadership role entails bearing the pressures of the position alone. And while this belief can and has led to gains, shouldering every aspect of a business on one’s own will only work to a limited degree of success. Instead, learning how to build, manage, delegate and lean on your team can positively impact the entire team and the business. To help, 14 Newsweek Expert Forum members offer strong leaders tips for successfully managing their staff to drive business growth.

14 Effective Strategies for Connecting With Peers Without Comparing Your Successes

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Having a deep understanding of yourself and your own goals can help prevent feelings of inadequacy. From Instagram and Twitter to now even LinkedIn, having a presence online today means constantly reading about what everyone has going on. This includes the life updates that people typically post but social media has also increased people’s tendency to primarily share the highlights rather than the entire picture. While this is not a bad thing on its own, constantly viewing the success of your peers can amplify your own feelings of inadequacy around personal and professional failures. Simply deciding to take a step back is one approach to consider, but it can negatively impact your relationships with peers over time. Below, 14 Newsweek Expert Forum members share recommendations for how professionals can connect and maintain healthy relationships with peers without comparing themselves to others’ success and accomplishments.

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