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Julian is a Media and Content Creator. He also works as a Host, Teacher and Transformational Coach. He is passionate about writing and learning from wisdom in Nature. Julian Guderley is responsible for expanding the way we view and interact with the planet through the inspiring interviews he shares on his podcast, GreenPlanet BluePlanet. His engaging podcast episodes interview artists, industry leaders and philanthropreneurs in the planet's regenerative movement. Highlighting the most impactful drivers of environmental and social change today. The 2020s are the decade of the REGENAISSANCE, of human innovation, for that we must choose this path every day. The Podcast is raising the topics of sustainability, regenerative economics, consciousness, spirituality, and symbiotic relationships with Nature, across Interest Groups and Economy. GreenPlanet BluePlanet is a must-listen for those looking to increase their environmental knowledge while bringing our shared ecological footprint into a graceful footprint. Planet Positive Ventures is a global think tank, venture capital advisory and accelerator, serving to address humanity's most pressing needs and its symbiotic existence with nature. Julian hosts weekly summits for Investment Opportunities and Wisdom council for a Positive Planet. As a transformational Leadership-Coach, Breathwork & Meditation Teacher, Julian Guderley empowers and enables individuals and groups to contribute their unique gifts to the world. Having learned to speak 5 languages fluently before the age of 20y, having lived on several continents Julian combines his deep devotional practice as a Yogi with his experiences as a true global citizenship in his teachings and programs.

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Seven Ways to Proactively Solve Business Problems

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Instead of reacting to changes in your industry as they’re happening, take a proactive approach to prepare for problems before they arise. The business landscape is ever-changing, with consumer and market trends shifting regularly. If businesses are not prepared to act on these changes, they will be forced to simply react -- often belatedly or without sufficient consideration. To avoid this outcome, it’s wise for leaders to stay on the pulse of industry trends and take action appropriately. Below, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum share seven steps leaders can take to be more proactive about solving business problems.

Seven Strategies For Improving Your Organization's Reputation

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Reputation is everything in business. Make sure yours is solid with these strategies. One of the most important things a business can uphold is its reputation. Both customers and top talent are drawn to companies with demonstrated success and the ability to deliver on its promises. While gaining and maintaining a good reputation is often easier said than done, there are several actionable steps leaders can take to build up that positive momentum. Below, seven members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their top tips for bolstering your organization’s reputation. Follow their recommendations to improve and boost your public image.

Eight Ways to Promote a Truly Egalitarian Workplace

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Diversity is more important than ever in the business world, but equity must go hand-in-hand with these efforts. In today's social climate, companies are rightfully looking to diversify their staff. This often involves developing unbiased hiring process and opening up the floor to input from employees of all job levels and backgrounds. The result of such changes is a rich tapestry of unique perspectives that contribute to better business solutions. However, without a simultaneous focus on equity and inclusion, those diverse voices may not be properly incorporated and leveraged. Eight members of Newsweek Expert Forum offered advice to leaders who want to develop and promote more egalitarian workplaces. Follow their tips to encourage a truly diverse culture and workforce.

11 Crucial Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Making a Statement on an Issue

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Before you make a public statement, be sure to think about the potential consequences to your business -- both positive and negative. In recent years, socially-conscious consumers have become more interested in supporting companies that share their same values. This is especially true after the social and political turmoil of 2020, when deeply polarizing issues came to the forefront for many businesses and organizations. With this in mind, business leaders are more inclined to make public corporate statements about social issues. However, this could potentially lead to more controversy if this statement is poorly written or displays the wrong sentiment. To help, 11 members of Newsweek Expert Forum explained what organizations should consider before making a statement on a political, social or potentially controversial issue.

14 Ways to Go All-In on a Seemingly Overwhelming Goal

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Breaking down a goal into manageable steps can help reduce pressure and increase productivity. Perseverance is one of the most important traits for a business leader to possess. Even in hard times or when others might give up, a leader must remain committed to their organization and its vision, and take the steps necessary to achieve it. If you’re a business owner tasked with accomplishing a goal that seems overwhelming or challenging, you may struggle with finding the motivation to stick with it. To help, 14 members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their tips for committing to tough goals and seeing them through.

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One Home. Personal Transformation. Collective Legacy. GreenPlanet BluePlanet is storytelling on the pulse of People, Planet and Profit. GreenPlanet BluePlanet is creating Podcasts and Videos - a content library of the times of shift with leading planetary social impact makers. Coming next is a Digital Event Series to connect, weave and amplify the interconnectedness of the portrayed social impact makers. The 2020s are the decade set for regenerative action. GreenPlanet BluePlanet Podcast is where you get to hear the stories and insights from the regenerative community & social impact leaders. Julian interviews artists, teachers, authors and Philanthropreneurs of the regenerative movement, people who are committed to and showcase qualities of planetary purpose and leadership! Julian is a transformational Leadership-Coach and Breathwork Teacher, a true global citizen. His Interview series explores the multifaceted and systemic change needed for our society & culture to make the 2020s a truly regenerative decade of action. The Podcast is exploring the holistic visions for our GreenPlanet BluePlanet along the UN SDGs and expanding beyond the wildest imagination of what humanity is capable of on Planet Earth.


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