Kevin Vallely

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Kevin Vallely

Expedition Manager & Lead Facilitator

The AIP Group

Vancouver, Canada Area

As an internationally recognized explorer, writer, architect, and a happily-married father of two, Kevin Vallely embodies a clear balance in life. Kevin has organized and lead extreme expeditions around the world and has garnered a powerful understanding of leadership, resilience, and perspective in unpredictable and fast-changing environments. He has translated this knowledge into a business acumen that activates and amplifies leadership instincts. His new book Wild Success: 7 key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventurers details how the wild wisdom garnered in the adventure world maps directly to the business experience. Kevin is a member of the esteemed Explorer’s Club and was an Explorer’s Club Flag recipient when attempting his first human-powered traverse of the Northwest Passage in 2013. He has skied the length of Alaska’s 1180-mile Iditarod Trail in the dead of winter, has retraced the infamous Sandakan Death March through the jungles of Borneo for the first time since WWII, and in 2009 broke the world record for the fastest unsupported trek from the edge of the Antarctic to the Geographic South Pole. Kevin’s unique background as an explorer, business professional, and father allows him to engage the hearts and minds of any team, inspiring and motivating them to realize their full potential. His clients, among many others, include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Dell, Deloitte, PayPal, Zoom, SAP, and Cisco.


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September 9th, 2021

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