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Old enough to have the right experience, yet young enough to still strive for entrepreneurial success. I've been an Agency CMBS market participant for 25 years and have had a few startup failures. Mom to 2 college-aged daughters, one graduating this year. Life is good. Last year I made the jump to move my consultancy business into a software platform to rate-lock government-guaranteed bonds from GNMA, FNMA, and SBA. Development ongoing!

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15 Strategies to Find New Business Opportunities in a Market Downturn

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Though an uncertain market can be challenging for entrepreneurs, it can also be an opportunity to grow. While market downturns can devastate companies across industries, they can also be full of potential. By leaning in on being agile and flexible, business leaders can effectively navigate uncertainty, find new opportunities and execute needed change.  As experts, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum members have dealt with their own share of market challenges. Below, 15 of them each share one way companies can look for new business opportunities in a market downturn and secure a bright future.

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16 Decisive Ways to Humanize Your Business's Brand

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17 ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ Methods to Improve Your Customer Experience

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An exceptional customer experience is the key to keeping current customers coming back as well as enticing potential customers to purchase. Many entrepreneurs tend to consider their products or services the most important part of their business. As a result, a significant amount of time, effort and money goes into developing what people may need or want.  However, the utility or desirability of an offering is only a small part of what actually entices customers to buy. Rather, a top-notch customer experience can be the differentiating factor that convinces current customers to keep purchasing and potential customers to give a business a chance. Luckily, making changes to a business’s customer experience can be a simple process. To help entrepreneurs ensure they are properly taking care of their customer base, 17 Newsweek Expert Forum members share “low-hanging fruit” ways for businesses to effectively improve their customer experience.

15 Transitional Strategies to Use When a Key Leader Leaves

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Management transitions can be tricky, so it's important to have a plan in place when a senior staff member makes their exit. There comes a time in every company when a leader is ready to move on. This company loss can be bittersweet and even provoke anxiety and feelings of the unknown among their previous team members. Employees may be concerned about gaining a new leader and how their job may change once a new leader is appointed. To help mitigate these fears, a panel of Newsweek Expert Forum members shared what to do when your company has a key leader resign. Follow their recommendations to ensure a smooth transition.

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Branig Capital Markets

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Branig Capital Markets is a 40-year service company devoted to helping multifamily lenders price their loans effectively. Most of our clients are insuring their loans via HUD or RHS insurance, and the securities they deliver are GNMA securities. Branig keeps tabs on the Wall Street buyers' appetites for these bonds and helps the lenders navigate the interest rate marketplace. The end result is the management of borrower expectations so deals are rate locked and closed in a streamlined process. In 2023 I'm building a software platform to manage the rate quoting process, the aggregation of data needed for investors to conduct Best Execution, and an auction portal to sell the loans before they become GNMA securities. This software will manage about $120 billion of government-guaranteed loans annually. We'll use loan data to create AI models for bond execution.



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Commercial Lending
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