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Entrepreneurial, accomplished, witty, and focused on the "big picture" is how many would describe me. I've been a small business owner since 2007 in an industry that many women fail to succeed in. I owe my success to my entrepreneurial father and my liberal arts education at a women's college. In the world of commercial finance, I found my place in the affordable housing sector. But I also have a soft spot for women's empowerment, and in 2016 I created Women Nation. Specialties: Capital markets expertise Bond market understanding Affordable housing consulting Small business empowerment, especially women in business Financial acumen Commitment to uplifting the underserved through business training Women in the workforce Executive perspective Community board participation Fundraising Competitive motorsports Raising successful children by "adulting" them at an early age


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Branig Capital Markets

Branig Capital Markets is a service company devoted to helping multifamily lenders price their loans effectively. Most of our clients are insuring their loans via HUD or RHS insurance, and the securities they deliver are GNMA securities. Branig keeps tabs on the Wall Street buyers' appetites for these bonds and helps the lenders navigate the interest rate marketplace. The end result is the management of borrower expectations so deals are rate locked and close in a streamlined process.


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