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Kira Caban

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San Francisco Bay Area

Kira Caban is a flexible work expert and leads global communications for Instawork. Her insights have been leveraged by CBS News, CBS Mornings, Fox News, and others. She has worked with some of the nation’s leading brands and thought leaders to discuss and provide technology-driven resolutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.


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March 20th, 2023

Hourly Workers Left the Service Industry—What’s Next?

Before you write off flexible work as a trend exclusive to those with desk jobs, take a moment to look around and consider how it might work for your business.

January 26th, 2023

Striking a Balance Between Preparation and Flexibility: A Top Trend for 2023

Even as the immediate threat of the pandemic fades into the background, the insights and innovations it offered are worth holding onto.

November 10th, 2022

Flexible Work Finds a Place in Holiday Staffing

The holidays are stressful enough: why add to it by sticking to old norms of seasonal work?

August 4th, 2022

Attracting Hourly Employees Requires More Than Competitive Pay

Flexibility for hourly workers can no longer be an additional perk or a pipe dream.



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