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Dr. Kira Graves is a member of the 2021 Forbes List who is an executive coach, entrepreneur, and licensed psychologist. She specializes in the areas of business, consulting, and education. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, a Master’s degree from Howard University, a Life/Work Coach certification from University of California, and a PhD from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Kira Graves current focus is on developing the world’s next generation of leaders and creating experiences that transform lives, coaching individuals in different countries. Kira Graves has traveled to over 35 countries to gain a better understanding of why the United Staes is lagging as far as "happiest countries" goes. She seeks to find not only why individuals in other countries are happier, what qualities they possess that make them great leaders, in addition to what their daily lifestyles encompass that encourage happiness levels.


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Kira Graves Consulting

We mold and transform minds to realize their true potential through psychological counseling, coaching, research, and assessment. We teach coping mechanisms, heighten logical reasoning abilities, increase levels of happiness, and improve critical thinking aptitudes to both keep and create generational leaders.


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