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LaKesha Womack

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Charlotte, North Carolina Area

LaKesha is the Owner and Lead Consultant with Womack Consulting Group. The firm provides Brand Management, Leadership Training, Strategic Planning, and Political Consulting to clients worldwide through seminars and one-on-one consultations with professionals, not for profit organizations, churches, colleges/universities, and businesses. She has served as a business development presenter for numerous Chambers of Commerce and professional groups and an Executive Coach for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Conference and the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. In addition to working with small business owners to start and grow their business, LaKesha specializes in working with newly formed teams, fractured teams, and boards of directors to teach leadership and professional development strategies to enhance communication, increase emotional intelligence, and improve organizational effectiveness. LaKesha has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and is a graduate of the Campaign School at Yale University. As a Forbes’ Coaches Council member, LaKesha contributed more than forty business tips to the Expert Panel forum. LaKesha is the published author of 16 books and has been featured in numerous publications and interviews providing financial literacy tips, business advice, and community engagement strategies. She hosts quarterly retreats for busy professionals to reset and refocus on their personal, professional, and leadership goals. LaKesha is also the founder of #RethinkingChurch Strategies, LLC, a social impact organization working with churches to increase engagement among their congregations and communities.


  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Professional Development
  • Coaching


October 7th, 2021

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Diversity, equity and inclusion are not one-and-done initiatives—they require long-term, ongoing efforts to be successful.

September 30th, 2021

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September 24th, 2021

How to Become a Leader People Want to Follow

Being a great leader requires more than delegating tasks to employees and meeting business goals. Each individual employee within an organization has different needs, and the role leadership plays in meeting those needs and empowering employees to contribute their expertise can have a direct impact on a business’s bottom line. 

September 20th, 2021

Feeling Burned Out? 15 Ways for Executives to Get Back on Track

Business leaders carry the weight of their organizations on their shoulders. In addition to ensuring ideas come to fruition and customers are satisfied, executives also have the added pressure of ensuring employee needs are being met. These priorities can place a considerable strain on a leader even in times when a business is fairing well.


Womack Consulting Group

LaKesha Womack founded Womack Consulting Group in 2005. After speaking with a friend who was interning for a top-five consulting firm, she realized that many small business owners lacked access to consultants with the capacity to assist them with operating more efficiently. Using the skills that she attained while working as a Financial Adviser, Retail Store Manager, and Restaurant Trainer, LaKesha recognized that the products/services that each business offers differs, but all businesses require sound human resource policies, strong accounting practices, and documented policies and procedures to be successful. In the past fifteen years, Womack Consulting Group has worked with clients across the globe in various industries, including technology, publishing, retail, transportation, politics, and media. The firm listens to each client's needs to understand their objectives and creates a customized strategic plan to achieve their goals. Through regular strategy sessions, clients are held accountable for doing the work on their business while relying on the expertise of Womack Consulting Group to guide their decision-making.


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