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Since 2014, I’ve worked with some of the top content creators and digital marketers to help them grow their businesses. These high achievers shine in various niches such as marketing, homeschooling, personal finances, meal prep, and others. However, they all have the following in common: ✅ They have great ideas ✅ They are willing to put in the work ✅ They aim to have a positive impact on the world. Are you living to your full potential? If not, let’s talk. **************** MY STORY: I wanted to be a university professor, but didn’t have a pHD 🎓. So I became a blogger/YouTuber. I taught what I would be teaching if I were a professor, but online. That platform allow me to teach hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It also landed me my dream job as a university professor in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program (without a pHD). Seeing the impact I was able to have online, I left that job three years later to be a full-time blogger and business coach. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of coaching some of the best in the industry, traveling the world speaking to entrepreneurs and being featured in various publications and media outlets. My experience has shown me that individuals (like you and I) can have a significant impact on the world, and can be successful while doing so. And I believe that a single thought can transform your entire life. If you are looking to really unleash your potential, let’s connect.


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I am Leslie Samuel

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