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Lillian Gregory

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Lillian Gregory is a High-Tech Consultant, Change Ambassador, U.S. Air Force Gulf War Veteran, VSO and NGO Leadership Advisor, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, TEDx Curator, Author, Speaker and Board of Directors Member. In 2021 Lillian launched “The 4DU Unicorn LLC” to disrupt, evolve, and innovate (DEI) ways we think, live and work through next level solutions in business and technology. Having earned a reputation for seeing things differently, Lillian's persistent hard work, creativity, and thoughtful leadership are guided by passion for in-depth research, innovative tools, targeted workshops, and exclusive events that transform organizations, systems, and careers into 21st century marvels. Whether serving in the U.S. Air Force or as Head of Workforce Planning and Analytics or as Leader for 5G Next Gen Technology innovations or one of many roles in between, Lillian continues to deliver digital and culture transformation programs with Fortune 500 companies, with small businesses and in partnership with under-resourced community partners. Equipped with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Lillian leverages human-centered design practices to fearlessly break ground in new areas while delivering cutting-edge educational services throughout the U.S. military veteran ecosystem. As her profile shows, Lillian lives her life without limits.


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