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WHO I AM: I'm Lisa Phillips. I help African American professionals start their real estate investing portfolios in low priced minority neighborhoods - profitably and compassionately. In the recession of 2009, I lost my job and my home to foreclosure. However, at the same time I also came upon a strategy of owning inexpensive rental properties for cash flow that was possible, even if you couldn't get a traditional mortgage - and thus, I started teaching this on my platform Affordable Real Estate Investments By just speaking my truth on youtube, and empowering others who found me with my success strategies, I have built my online platform of devoted Change Making Investors to 47,000, over 719,000 youtube views, a 5500 + Facebook group of those who have used and implemented my investment techniques. Today I’m a: · Well-known real estate investing influencer & mentor in the rental property coaching space · Sought after guest for personal finance and real estate investing radio shows and podcasts · Host of nationwide investing seminars WHAT I DO: As founder of Affordable Real Estate Investments, I turn black professionals into rental property owners, and help them to uncover their true purpose and higher calling that financial freedom can give them so they can achieve: · Build A Passive Income Rental Portfolio · Create Generational Wealth · Empower Them To Connect To Their Higher Calling Attend my webinar - 5 Steps To Earning $800-$1200 A Month In Passive Income In 8-12 Weeks HOW IT WORKS: Affordable Real Estate Investments is a platform that provides step-by- step tools, online coaching, and online training for investors to invest in rental properties that cost $30,000 - $50,000 - without buying in a warzone, or getting head ache tenants. Start with a strategy session here - WHO I WORK WITH: · New or Experienced Black Professionals · New To Investing Out Of State


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Affordable Real Estate Investments

As the New York Times best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki said, “I only invest in working class neighborhoods.” I’m here to help you comfortably navigate that strategy. I believe that smart real estate investors who want to win in today’s low yielding real estate investments MUST become proficient in finding, understanding, and analyzing working class property investments for significant monthly cash flow. And, they must learn to use the tools available strategically and with cold calculation.


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