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Loren Margolis

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Loren is an expert on leadership development. Her mission is to help leaders lead their teams better and create inclusive cultures, so their employees and businesses thrive. As a certified executive coach and master trainer, Loren is passionate about education. She has taught management communication and career development strategies at Columbia Business School. She serves as an Instructor for Stony Brook University’s Women in STEM Leadership where she teaches women how to deepen their political savvy and organizational influence. She is a tenured Physician Leadership Coach for Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Physician Leadership Program. Loren is CEO of Training & Leadership Success, a global leadership development firm that specializes in executive coaching, leadership training and team acceleration programs. She and her team partner with Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Baker McKenzie, PepsiCo, Stanford Health Care, UBER, ESPN, Harry's, UNICEF USA, Columbia Medical School and many high-growth tech companies to deepen their leaders' capabilities and drive business growth. During her nine-year tenure at Columbia Business School, Loren founded the Peer Coaching Program, launched the Entrepreneurship Development Program to prepare MBAs for entrepreneurial careers and led Columbia’s Management Communications Program, which helped thousands of leaders address their fears of public speaking and deepen their impact by honing their leadership communication skills. Following her time at Columbia, Loren led Training and Development for 64 offices across the U.S. and Canada at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and headed leadership development for clinical and business leaders at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Loren is an affiliate coach with the Institute of Coaching, which is part of McLean/Harvard Medical School and an active member of the International Coach Federation. She earned her BA in at Hartwick College and her MSW at SUNY at Stony Brook. Her thought leadership is regularly featured in Forbes, USA Today, Yahoo!, Business Insider and The American Management Association. Credentials aside, when she isn't working with inspiring leaders, you can find her being a wife, proud Aunt, global traveler, mediocre rock singer and Mom to a rescued English Setter.


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Training & Leadership Success LLC

We are learning and development experts who help your leaders lead better. We partner with global organizations through customized executive leadership coaching, engaging and empowering virtual and in-person learning programs and a highly sought-after team effectiveness series. Founded in 2015, Training & Leadership Success has a deep bench of certified executive coaches, facilitators and organizational development consultants. Our faculty has extensive talent development expertise and, importantly, relate to our clients’ challenges because they all have been business leaders prior to joining the firm. Every touch point with our clients demonstrates our values: EXPERTISE: We leverage our two decades of talent development knowledge, our success in business and previous leadership experience to bring you insightful, high-quality programs. INNOVATION: We deliver creative, modern solutions that energize and motivate your people. CUSTOMIZATION: We know that one size does not fit all and tailor our programs and approach to your organization’s business, culture and people development needs. COLLABORATION: We ask meaningful questions and listen deliberately to deeply understand your needs, challenges and goals. Then, we co-create solutions with you that are engaging to all learning and development styles. Learn more at: www.trainingandleadership.org.


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