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Maitri Johnson

Vice President, Tenant and Employment at TransUnion


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Maitri Johnson is the Vice President, Tenant and Employment at TransUnion, and was the company’s Vice President of Multifamily business. Prior to her current role, Maitri Johnson spent more than 20 years as a multi-family operator, including 13 years with Riverstone Residential Group as Executive Vice President of Property Services. She also spent a brief time in the emerging space of single-family rental homes, where she oversaw property management at Waypoint Homes, now Invitation Homes. After serving on the Executive Committee of the National Apartment Association’s (NAA) Board of Directors, Johnson was appointed President of the NAA Education Institute. She also chaired the NAA Lease Advisory Committee, which oversees lease document activities for the multi-family industry. Maitri has spoken at numerous events including: • NAA Annual Education Conference in 2016 • NMHC Optech Conference 2017 • Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference • Virginia Apartment Association Annual Conference


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December 16th, 2022

Fraud Trends In Residential Rental Real Estate

The rapid digital transformation introduced more convenience at a time when we needed to be isolated at home, but it also made it harder than ever to detect fraud with outdated tools

October 5th, 2022

Rent Reporting: One of the Most Important Things for a Renter's Financial Future

When shopping for a new apartment, one of the most important amenities to look for — even more than a fitness center or visitor parking—are landlords who report their tenants’ rent payments to credit reporting agencies.



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