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CEO Coach, author, "Just Listen," Member 100 Coaches, Founding Member Newsweek Expert ForumMark Goulston, M.D., Inc.

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Hired by executive boards to help brilliant but destructive CEOs/Founders. Global thought leader on communication. Marshall Goldsmith MG100 Coach, author/co-author of 9 books, with "Just Listen," becoming top book on listening in the world. Host, Top 0.5% podcast, My Wakeup Call, co-host, "Hurt Less, Live More with JJ and Dr. Mark" on UK Health Radio.

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17 Factors to Consider When Building a Safer Workplace Environment

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Inviting employees to share their input in workplace changes helps ensure the creation of an inclusive and empathetic space. The idea of what constitutes a safe working environment has changed significantly in today’s global business environment. Where before the focus was primarily on physical safety, many organizations have evolved to now include well-being and psychological safety as well, resulting in increased productivity and decreased turnover.  While many businesses are committed to creating and maintaining a safer work environment, knowing where to start and what to focus on can be challenging. To help, 17 Newsweek Expert Forum members each offer one essential factor business leaders should consider when working to build a safer working environment in a business.

Happy Spinning Your Wheels? Or Are You Dying for More Traction?


Whether you're a visionary sculpting the future or an individual charting your unique course, the “3 Ds” can serve as a guiding light.

Psychiatry Expert: Preventing the Seven Year Itch 2.0


If either partner doesn’t look forward to seeing the other, they have a conflict and a problem that needs to be talked through.

15 Telltale Signs It’s Time to End a Client Partnership

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When a partnership with a client isn’t working as well as it used to, it can be hard to let go of both the relationship and the steady work. While a steady supply of new clients is critical to helping a business get off the ground, returning customers play an equally important role in a business’s lasting success. Establishing a long-term partnership with a client can be incredibly beneficial on both sides, resulting in effective collaboration, increased efficiency and a deeper understanding of the other party. However, not all relationships are meant to last forever. When issues keep occurring and relations become strained or toxic, it’s time to take an objective look at the partnership to determine whether it should continue. Below, 15 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one warning sign that a partnership with a client has turned toxic and needs to be ended.

17 Business Challenges That Double as Great Teaching Experiences

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Though an investment of time, effort and money do make entrepreneurship easier, leaders should still expect to encounter challenges. The entrepreneurial journey is full of highs and lows for every business leader. And even when a leader has considerable resources, there is no way to completely avoid encountering business challenges. While these hurdles can completely shake a business, they can also double as valuable learning experiences that help entrepreneurs grow and develop their skills as leaders. Below, 17 Newsweek Expert Forum members each share one specific business challenge they believe usually results in a great teaching experience and what lessons leaders can carry forward into the future.

Psychological Safety Starts at the Top: CEO X vs. CEO Y


In the nuanced dynamics of corporate culture, the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) extends beyond strategic decision-making and financial stewardship.

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