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Matt Domo

Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Austin, Texas Area

As CEO of FifthVantage, Matt assists B2B software companies to translate complex technology goals into strategic plans, architecture, and execution plans that create sustainable double-digit growth. Matt helps his client companies benefit from massive market changes in Digital Transformation. The work includes transitioning his client's software to SAAS delivery models, adopting Cloud Computing technologies effectively, optimizing their development teams for Digital delivery, and adopting new technology including the latest advancements in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, Machine Learning, or the Internet of Things. Matt Domo is a technology executive with over 25 years of experience in cloud computing, SAAS applications, e-commerce, and infrastructure solutions at the enterprise, mid-market, and start-up levels. As one of the founders of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Matt is a pioneer in the cloud computing space. He has created nine cutting-edge cloud products and seven e-commerce website solutions that generated large revenue streams for Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace. Matt has been recognized by USA Today as one of the "Top 9 Most Exciting Entrepreneurs of 2021" and as one of the "Top 50 Technology Leaders in the World" by Intercon, the Internet Technology Conference.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Technical Innovation
  • Consulting


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We help B2B software companies transform complex technology goals into clear technical strategy, architecture, and execution plans that create sustainable double-digit growth. We help our clients address the following challenges: • How to create strategic technology plans that boldly lead transformational change, address complex challenges, and produce rapid results. • Help technical teams avoid mistakes in realizing their technical vision, maintain costs within budget, and help improve technology scalability by as much as 30% • Architect for the AWS cloud to digitally transform their products in 25% less time • Help business and technical leaders and investors analyze additions to their product portfolios, assessing technology fit for work with existing products and teams • Perform advanced technology assessments recommending the best technologies to adopt to achieve their business and technology goals • Recommend organization and process changes to technology leaders to optimize their teams for achieving their scaling and digital delivery goals Our clients are visionary organizations who are excited about creating new technology answers and solutions. We believe in the transformational power of consulting that creates real value for our clients enabling technology leaders to achieve their goals rapidly and reliably based on the experience they can trust. At FifthVantage, Our expertise is YOUR advantage.