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Michael Frazier

President & Chief Executive OfficerBedell Frazier Investment Counselling

Walnut Creek, CA

Member Since May 2021


Portfolio Management


Over 20 years experience in the Investment and Media industries. A trusted source in the Bay Area for investment counsel and active portfolio management. Growth of Capital and Cash Flow is always the focus while tenatiously protecting against Enjoy being the "Go-to-Guy" for all Market and Financial items for valued clients, as well as being a good dad and husband for my 4 girls. Firmly understand that trust is earned and am always up to the task. Maintain a strong ability to process information quickly, and make informed and responsible decisions in a timely manner.

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Building long-lasting relationships with peers requires moving away from competition and toward supporting their successes. In a business setting, it’s difficult not to think of your peers as competition. Whether they are within your immediate team or running their own company with an offering similar to yours, it’s inevitable that you’ll begin comparing yourself to them, assuming that their every success may mean lost opportunities for you. The true reality is that people can occupy the same spaces at the same time without feeling threatened by one another. The first step is recognizing that no matter how similar a situation may seem, no two people walk the same path. To help professionals escape from a competitive mindset and build healthy relationships, 10 Newsweek Expert Forum members give advice on how to connect with peers without comparing yourself to their successes.

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In order to maintain credibility in the face of obstacles, leaders must learn to embrace honesty and vulnerability. In the face of a setback, such as layoffs or a deal falling through, a leader’s next actions make all the difference for employees. Leaning on the support of employees and, in turn, supporting employees is critical for building and maintaining leadership credibility and the trust of your team when things go south. Moving away from the image of a powerful, all-knowing leader can be difficult, especially when the weight of the organization is on your shoulders. To help leaders boldly face and address business mishaps, 16 members of Newsweek Expert Forum shared steps that business leaders should take to rebuild trust with their team after a setback.

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Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling

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Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling is an independent SEC registered investment firm that customizes and actively manages individual portfolios based on our clients needs. Founded in 1975, Bedell Frazier has a fiduciary responsibility to always act in our clients best interest. We take a wholistic approach with our clients to design and maintain a financial roadmap for the business of life.



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