Michael Gilbert

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Michael Gilbert

Founder and Director of the Board


Vancouver, Canada Area

Founder and Director of the Board at Semios. Helping farmers use data to optimize every acre. Father, founder, scientist. Passionate about sustainability and having fun shaping the future.


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Semios is a scalable, data analytics platform for growers of tree fruit and tree nut crops that helps predict, identify, and prevent pest and disease pressure. The Semios analytics engine draws on multiple sources of data and information including a robust, wireless network of in-canopy sensors on every customer farm measuring climate, soil and insect pest activity. Leveraging a network of 2 million sensors, providing updates every 10 minutes, we apply big data analytics and machine learning to reduce and mitigate crop risks for growers. Semios improves sustainability by promoting reduced dependency on pesticides and crop management inputs while helping to increase the value of harvests through reduced loss and increased quality.


  • AgTech
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Pheromones