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My interrogation career fostered a fascination with how we are able to establish relationships and obtain the truth in seemingly impossible situations. My experience made it clear that, at best, confrontation creates compliance – and compliance creates resentment. I saw firsthand how people committed to sharing their secrets when their interviewers carefully listened for new opportunities to bond and treated them with respect and empathy. When I applied these communication techniques to my business relationships the results were astounding – and The Disciplined Listening Method was born. I researched and developed the Disciplined Listening Method to teach executives, sales professionals, HR professionals and beyond how to increase commitments to action and reduce missed opportunities by significantly improving their situational awareness, observation skills and their ability to apply strategic, ethical persuasion techniques. Beyond any confession I ever obtained, I’m most proud of the fact that I shook hands with every person I ever interrogated. To learn more about how you can consistently achieve the same level of respect and commitment in your interactions visit www.InQuasive.com.


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InQuasive, Inc.

Michael Reddington, CFI established InQuasive, Inc. to teach people how to activate the truth with the application of strategic, ethical observation and persuasion techniques. He leveraged his authority as a Certified Forensic Interviewer, expertise gained from over 10,000 hours on stage, and his business experience to curate a substantial content library for customizing every client engagement. The team at InQuasive provides extended educational engagements, seminars, keynote presentations, coaching and advisory sessions as well as process and operations driven consulting services on the following topics and beyond: - Leadership Communication - Sales - Negotiation - Conflict Resolution - Customer Service - Candidate Interviewing - Influential Instruction - Diversity and Inclusion - Interview Preparation - Parenting and Community Conversations From CEO’s to front line managers, sales professionals, HR executives and beyond. InQuasive’s content applies to every industry and focuses on providing all participants with the skills, perspectives and techniques necessary to reduce missed opportunities and increase commitments to action. To learn more about collaborating with InQuasive to create custom engagements and develop teams of Disciplined Listeners contact Michael Reddington, CFI at +1 (704) 256-7116 or mreddington@inquasive.com.


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