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I help women fix their relationship with money so they can stop worrying about it; stressing over it; and chasing after it and instead, start manifesting more than enough of it. I had money drama of my own for many years. This drama showed up as chronic under-earning, low to no savings, credit card debt and an income that kept me stuck below the hundred thousand dollar range. I Unable to fix these challenges on my own, I finally sought the help of a coach from one of the top personal development companies in the world. That was one of the best decisions I ever made because that coach helped me shift my mindset and dramatically increase my business revenues. She also inspired ME to become a coach! Now, I have two coaching certifications, both with a focus on money and mindset. Since 2010, I've mentored hundreds of women entrepreneurs and leaders. I've helped them turn their genius into profits, get out of debt, save more and make more. My mission is to cultivate a new generation of high-earning women. Before becoming a coach, I worked as a radio and television personality in Chicago. Now I take all those years of media experience to help the women I coach amplify their message. I LOVE WHAT I DO! Helping women create a simple plan of action to eliminate money drama and get to their next income level brings me great joy. How can I help you? To learn more about my programs, just visit my website by clicking the link below. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I recently moved to the Atlanta area with my husband. Before that, we lived for 9 years on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. When I'm not coaching, speaking, writing or hosting a retreat, I enjoy meditating or working out.


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OverFlow Enterprises LLC

OverFlow Enterprises is a personal development company that helps women fix their relationship with money so they can build wealth, become debt-free and find the courage to do exactly what they were born to do. We do this through coaching and training programs, live events and media.


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