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Transparent. Relatable. Authentic. No-nonsense - with a sense of humor. These traits give me a reputation for excellence and results. Clients depend on my frank and unbiased approach. I help businesses and leadership teams evaluate organizational CULTURE, identify and mitigate sources of CONFLICT, and ensure COMPLIANCE with EEO standards. This is the "3C" approach. Whether as a supplement to an existing team, or as a standalone consultant, engaging in difficult conversations with employees and leaders alike is key to my work. I help employees recognize, understand, and embrace organizational culture so that it may be used as a tool that supports relationships and informs strategies for overall career advancement. Once your organization's HR & Leadership Training needs are clear, I can tailor design content to achieve your goals, including: trainings, facilitation, seminars, leadership retreats, or something entirely different. "Personal Leadership" is my signature topic. Through seminars, I work with employees to develop the emotional intelligence, communication skills, and personal attributes that enable them to interact effectively with other people. Other specialties include: Leadership Retreats, Change Management, Culture Engineering, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs, HR Compliance, Anti-Harassment Training and Complaint Investigations.

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19 Strategies for Cultivating a Team Committed to Company Values

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Cultivating a values-driven environment will help align team members' actions with the core principles of your business. Company values are the guiding principles that shape an organization's culture and define its identity. However, only having values in place is not enough. To truly embed them within the fabric of a team, it is crucial to reinforce and strengthen each member’s understanding and commitment. Below, 19 Newsweek Expert Forum members share effective strategies leaders can use to nurture a values-driven team. These approaches will help solidify the team's understanding of company values and foster a deep sense of commitment. 

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To continuously drive business growth, leaders have to be more willing to lean on their employees and ask for help. At times, leadership can be a heavy burden. For some, being a strong leader means subscribing to the idea that a leadership role entails bearing the pressures of the position alone. And while this belief can and has led to gains, shouldering every aspect of a business on one’s own will only work to a limited degree of success. Instead, learning how to build, manage, delegate and lean on your team can positively impact the entire team and the business. To help, 14 Newsweek Expert Forum members offer strong leaders tips for successfully managing their staff to drive business growth.

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If you're concerned about meeting fatigue among your remote workforce, try these strategies to ensure each virtual gathering has a clear purpose. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted work culture in several lasting ways, including the growth of work-from-home arrangements. As companies begin to embrace smaller physical office locations and the workforce's ability to work from home, the road and other places, new challenges arise. Between a constant flow of meetings and life distractions, employees can easily start to burn out and feel "Zoom fatigue." One way to address this is by ensuring every meeting held is intentional, purposeful and engaging for all attendees. Below, members of Newsweek Expert Forum share insights for how they believe leaders can improve meetings and make sure each one held is worthwhile.

10 Overlooked Ways to Create a More Flexible Work Environment

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Flexibility means different things to different people, so don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to offering workplace flexibility. In today’s always-on world, employees are often expected to be available at any time. But as the pandemic persists, many business professionals are realizing the value of work-life balance -- especially when it comes to remote work. As a result, many leaders are seeking ways to accommodate their employees’ schedules and external responsibilities. But flexibility is more than just allowing people to work from home.  To that end, a panel of Newsweek Expert Forum members shared some lesser-known ways to offer flexibility to employees. Here are their insights for creating a flexible work environment that works for everyone on your team.

Eight Ways to Promote a Truly Egalitarian Workplace

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Diversity is more important than ever in the business world, but equity must go hand-in-hand with these efforts. In today's social climate, companies are rightfully looking to diversify their staff. This often involves developing unbiased hiring process and opening up the floor to input from employees of all job levels and backgrounds. The result of such changes is a rich tapestry of unique perspectives that contribute to better business solutions. However, without a simultaneous focus on equity and inclusion, those diverse voices may not be properly incorporated and leveraged. Eight members of Newsweek Expert Forum offered advice to leaders who want to develop and promote more egalitarian workplaces. Follow their tips to encourage a truly diverse culture and workforce.

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Mylena S. Sutton is the Principal Consultant at Voltage Vista where the focus is on strengthening organizations through the design and delivery of leadership development seminars and human resources consulting. Essentially, Voltage Vista is an employee training company, and Mylena works with clients to address their people challenges. The work that Mylena focuses on most is engaging with teams and leaders around difficult conversations, particularly those involving conflict, accountability, change, and diversity. Mylena enjoys the training space and uses narratives (story-telling) to give life to jargon-filled concepts so that employees and leaders can actually use them. Sutton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Georgia, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas, various certifications, and hates boring, mindless training as much as you do!