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Transparent. Relatable. Authentic. No-nonsense - with a sense of humor. These traits give me a reputation for excellence and results. Clients depend on my frank and unbiased approach. I help businesses and leadership teams evaluate organizational CULTURE, identify and mitigate sources of CONFLICT, and ensure COMPLIANCE with EEO standards. This is the "3C" approach. Whether as a supplement to an existing team, or as a standalone consultant, engaging in difficult conversations with employees and leaders alike is key to my work. I help employees recognize, understand, and embrace organizational culture so that it may be used as a tool that supports relationships and informs strategies for overall career advancement. Once your organization's HR & Leadership Training needs are clear, I can tailor design content to achieve your goals, including: trainings, facilitation, seminars, leadership retreats, or something entirely different. "Personal Leadership" is my signature topic. Through seminars, I work with employees to develop the emotional intelligence, communication skills, and personal attributes that enable them to interact effectively with other people. Other specialties include: Leadership Retreats, Change Management, Culture Engineering, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs, HR Compliance, Anti-Harassment Training and Complaint Investigations.


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Voltage Vista

Mylena S. Sutton is the Principal Consultant at Voltage Vista where the focus is on strengthening organizations through the design and delivery of leadership development seminars and human resources consulting. Essentially, Voltage Vista is an employee training company, and Mylena works with clients to address their people challenges. The work that Mylena focuses on most is engaging with teams and leaders around difficult conversations, particularly those involving conflict, accountability, change, and diversity. Mylena enjoys the training space and uses narratives (story-telling) to give life to jargon-filled concepts so that employees and leaders can actually use them. Sutton holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Georgia, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas, various certifications, and hates boring, mindless training as much as you do!