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Fintech CEO of the Year 2020 - CEO Review Founder of Blockchain Green Initiative & PoH Consensus Protocol Investor in Sustainability and Longevity


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September 14th, 2021

The Rise in Ransomware: Here’s How to Fight It

Crypto and blockchain communities are working together to combat ransomware by educating their users and the public.


RubiX Network AG

RubiX is a proofchain protocol that can scale with asynchronous parallelism to facilitate real world decentralized applications. Cryptographically strong, light weight challenge-response algorithms are used for transaction validation. RubiX uses lightweight Proof of Work satisfying PBFT rule for consensus allowing full nodes to be run across all platforms (Server, NAS, VMs, PCs, Embedded Platforms, IoT's and Mobiles). The platform leverages real world Distributed File System(DFS) based on content-based addressing for data storage. RubiX has primarily two types of tokens: Utility tokens generated with strong mathematical proofs that are mined by nodes working to secure the network by storing proofs (capped under 50.7 million), and Asset tokens that can represent any underlying asset or contract including NFTs. RubiX chain is an aggregation of several account-chains existing in parallel. Transactions achieve consensus individually, allowing for asynchronous parallelism leading to very high scalability. Account-chains are linked through unique tokens & tokenchain hashes.