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Nitin Kumar


New York, NY

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A 25-year tech veteran, transformative CEO, and ex-Management Consulting Partner focused on the TMT sectors. Exceptional serial entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial track record incubating/scaling new businesses inside HP, Deloitte, FTI, and 4 start-ups. Nitin has led hyper-scale organizations ($multi-billion P/L) and start-ups with international experience across all major markets (six continents). In 2020, Nitin was recognized by CEO Today magazine as the "Master of the Pivot", CIO Bulletin as "Top 10 CEOs to Watch" and CEO World as “Most Influential Exec”. He is currently the co-founder of zblocks ( a SaaS-based, low-code, no-code platform bringing Blockchain to enterprises)and co-founder at Mergeflo (a new-age M&A integration management software in a SaaS model).

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Eight Strategies for Effectively Keeping Stakeholders Informed

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Ensuring stakeholders on all sides are regularly supplied with information is key for building and sustaining lasting relationships. A business is nothing without its stakeholders. Because stakeholders potentially encompass everyone from investors to employees, customers, volunteers and interns, entrepreneurs have the extraordinary task of determining how to best serve all of the stakeholders contributing to their business’s operations simultaneously. This is where clear communication can make a real difference. Only by establishing communication processes and procedures that cater to prioritizing and sharing information on all sides will a business be able to gain and retain the support and engagement of their stakeholders.  To help entrepreneurs establish communication systems that keep stakeholders in the loop, eight Newsweek Expert Forum members share strategies they’ve found effective.

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zblocks Inc. enhances the dPlat (created by zbyte). zblocks has created modules on the dPlat to allow Fortune 5000 companies to integrate existing enterprise Web 2.0 ecosystems into Web 3.0. zblocks enables enterprises to easily build and deploy dApps and digital assets with the security, immutability, transparency, and privacy offered by blockchain with predictable transaction costs and no cryptocurrency on their balance sheet. zblocks' customizable hybrid blockchain infrastructure leverages all the benefits of a permissionless blockchain while providing the privacy and price predictability of a permissioned one to enterprises at a fraction of the cost.



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