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After managing events, creative communications, celebrities and press relations for over a decade at the largest independently owned Public Relations firm in the United States, Martinez launched The Brand Agency in 2015. Her experience conceptualizing digital campaigns and brand strategies for corporate clients like Tiffany & Co., GUESS, Restoration Hardware, Nintendo and InStyle prepared her transition into CEO and founder. Following the launch of her full-service agency, Martinez quickly snagged in-demand clients, including Samsung, Amazon Prime Video, ELLE Magazine, K-Swiss, LVMH and L’Oreal’s NYX Cosmetics. She also works with non-profits, including the California Fire Foundation and Elizabeth Glaser’s Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Her career accomplishments include, ideating and executing GUESS’ first-ever fashion week; spearheading Nintendo’s foray into celebrity outreach; and taking PAPER magazine to Coachella for the first time via a globally acclaimed activation with Kylie Jenner. She also oversaw PR for Covergirl’s first West Coast event, and orchestrated three separate New York Times best seller campaigns. Martinez is a first-generation immigrant who moved to Los Angeles at 18 years old. Her Mexican-American heritage ultimately led her to open The Brand Agency’s sister firm, Vicaria, which services multicultural brands and personalities. Following its success, Martinez further launched 1795 Communications, the world’s first female-led cannabis PR firm. Her firms and campaigns have won prestigious awards, including Best Branding and Communications Firm, CES Innovation Award, and Best PR Firm on the West Coast. Martinez has taken her knowledge of the ever-changing media landscape and parlayed it into a side editorial career. She frequently contributes her expert industry insight to publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes and AdWeek. She has also been featured in The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter, and Los Angeles Business Journal. She is an entertainment contributor and commentator for NBC’s Peacock streaming platform. Career aside, Martinez is also a mentor through Big Brother Big Sister of L.A. and an advisor for Latinas in Tech. She also volunteers with COVIA, running a program for immigrant seniors, teaching them everyday skills like wellness and technology in Spanish.

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