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Ryan Blanch

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PR Exec and reputation management attorney Ryan Blanch, Esq. launches brands and defends reputations with the help of his law firm, PR agency and reputation management company. Mr. Blanch has been retained as an expert witness on reputation management and has navigated Global 1000 companies and start ups thru myriad crises.

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How to Proactively Leverage Up-and-Coming Customer Behavior Trends

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Keeping a close eye on customer behavior can help businesses stay on top of changing trends. Trends can come and go in the blink of an eye, and if a business isn’t paying close enough attention to its customers, leaders run the risk of losing current and future customers. Rather than waiting for new customer behavior trends to hit the company’s radar, being more proactive about learning and leveraging each trend in real time can give an organization an edge over its competitors. As business experts, the members of Newsweek Expert Forum are familiar with just how quickly customer behavior can change. Below, they offer advice on how leaders can effectively leverage customer behavior trends as they gain more ground.

A Roadmap for New Capital Raising Rules That Place Entrepreneurs at the Intersection of PR and Legal


The SEC has drastically expanded opportunities for start-ups to raise capital through crowdfunding and other private offering exemptions.

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Repute PR + Law

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Repute PR and Repute Law combine PR, reputation management and legal prowess to provide their mutual clients with a complete suite of tools required to launch and enhance brands as well as defend them from outside and internal threats to their reputations.