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Paleontologist and podcaster now working to develop STEM educational opportunities for students in Appalachia.

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13 Business Leaders Share Their Predictions for the Future of Networking

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The wide adoption of technology for communication is proving that there is a considerable need for virtual networking tools. The connections built between people can create bonds that drive success for both individuals and organizations. Though the formation and maintenance of these connections has been completely transformed over the past year and a half, the strength of those bonds still holds true. The wide adoption of video conferencing software like Zoom has shown that regardless of the obstacle—be it a global pandemic or a considerable distance—there is a great need for more virtual options in the world we live in today.  Expanding the ways in which people can connect in an increasingly digital world means that the future of connecting may be uncertain, but examining the changes that have taken place so far can offer valuable insight. Below, 13 members of Newsweek Expert Forum members share their expert predictions on how networking will look in the future and how leaders can begin preparing for changes now.

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