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I have T-shaped skills with deep expertise in technology and broad cross functional skills. I am a software engineer and the CEO of a multinational startup. As a software engineer, I have built and operated complex Information Technology products for Enterprise customers. Now, as a CEO, I am guiding FastUp Inc. to offer Managed Cloud Services to Enterprise customers. How can you benefit from me: * I am free next week! Do you have a gnarly problem or are you thinking of launching a new service on AWS or Azure? Set up a time here to ask me anything: * Want to learn about the economics of cloud? Send me an email at sales at fastup dot com. * My company FastUp Inc., is an AWS Partner, Azure Partner and I am a certified AWS Professional. Tag me on any post on LinkedIn where you want a short written answer. * Read my work blogs on * Read my personal blogs on Some of my best work: * Starting up FastUp: This is the best horse I ever rode. At first, I did everything from corporate setup, technology, accounting, hiring, purchasing and operations. Now, I am focussed on building the digital marketing function. Let me know how I did. * Launching Cloud Native IT Services: Over 4 years, I assisted a customer to migrate from on-premise to AWS and then re-architect key workloads to AWS cloud native technology for web apps and ML/AI. I can tell you: it works very well! I have written a series starting here: * Operating high volume public apps: FastUp operates multiple popular public facing apps. Some of these apps peak at 10 million requests a day all served within 40 ms average response times. As Mrs. Gump might say, this was a box of chocolates - you never know what you are gonna get!


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April 26th, 2022

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March 22nd, 2022

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FastUp inc

FastUp enables enterprises to release software faster, with minimal operations disruption. This way businesses can experiment with new products and features with very little impact and lower costs. FastUp is native to Amazon Web Services and uses AWS products and APIs to automate deployment completely. FastUp lives in your amazon account and does not introduce any third party service.


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