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As founder of socially and environmentally conscious travel and lifestyle brand, EnviTours, Sam Jordan consistently curates enriching experiences. The entrepreneur, businessman, world traveler, and humanitarian presenters clientele with unforgettable opportunities to open their minds and hearts on a global scale, and ultimately, give back. Upon graduation from the University of Maryland, the Oakland native kicked off his career as a staff assistant for Congressman Eric Swalwell, advancing through the ranks to legislative correspondent and finally legislative assistant. Switching gears, he left the Hill in 2016 and signed up for a volunteer program in Spain where he taught English. Residing in Barcelona, he finished a Master's Degree in Business and Tourism. Sam resettled in the States in 2018 and formally launched EnviTours. Disrupting the travel paradigm and redefining the business of "Voluntourism," he endeavored to build a platform for travelers to participate in charity and volunteer activities while enjoying a premier luxury getaway. As of 2021, EnviTours introduced participants to different sides of Curacao, Jamaica, Bali, Puerto Rico, Belize, and Whistler with adventures, relaxation, and a "day of service" -- spanning everything from beach cleanup to cooking for families-in-need. This continues back home as the company also organizes annual holiday toy drives, food drives, homeless assistance programs, and other activations throughout the city of Los Angeles.


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EnviTours is a luxury travel and lifestyle brand focused on group travel to locations around the globe. EnviTours partners with community service organizations, NGOs, and community leaders to fund and volunteer in projects aimed at addressing the needs of the communities we send our clients to. At EnviTours, we merge the worlds of voluntourism and luxury travel seamlessly. Travel has never been so easy or rewarding.


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