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Sam has twenty years of experience developing and driving communications, strategy, marketing, public relations, and business development initiatives. She specializes in creating, leading and executing strategic programs to increase market visibility and generate revenue growth. She represents clients in the following industries: healthcare, technology, hospitality, aerospace, and professional services. She also serves as a strategic advisor to early-stage innovation companies. She is a member of the Advisory Board at the University of California Riverside Innovative Design Thinking Program, serves as a strategic advisor to the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, and is a board member of the Palm Springs Small Hotel Tourism Business Improvement District and Small Hotels of Palm Springs ("SHOPS").

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Eight Secrets To Good B2C Outreach

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Great outreach is all about understanding the needs of prospective customers and providing them with something valuable. Whether it’s through emails, webinars or phone calls, there are a variety of different ways businesses can interact with prospects. Direct outreach can help a business land sales while also building and maintaining relationships with potential and current consumers. However, at the forefront of any outreach should be the desire to meet the needs of your customer base. How can leaders conduct outreach that leads to results? Eight members of Newsweek Expert Forum share secrets that can help business leaders craft effective B2C outreach strategies and outline why these strategies are critical in today’s saturated business environment.

10 Practical Ways to Create More Inclusive Workplaces

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Actively leaning into feedback from employees can help leaders create workplaces that foster open communication. The creation of an inclusive workplace starts long before an employee officially joins an organization. It’s in the structure of decision making. It’s in the language used in the recruitment process. It’s also in the value leaders place on ensuring employees feel heard and safe once they are a part of the team.  While employers are well aware of the benefits of diversity and inclusion, they may not know the best way to go about actively implementing those initiatives in the workplace. Below, 10 members of Newsweek Expert Forum share recommendations on how leaders can practically develop and maintain inclusiveness as a core component of the workplace.

How to Avoid Fueling the Fires of Misinformation

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It's easier than ever to share information—which means leaders must take extra care to ensure that information spread throughout their company is factual. The ease of access to information today is a great public utility. However, this means there is also greater access to misinformation. When business leaders are sharing anything with their teams, they have to be sure the information is accurate and fact-based. Otherwise, something may be interpreted incorrectly and the rumor mill may start turning at your organization. To help leaders ensure they're not contributing to the spread of misinformation, 15 members of Newsweek Expert Forum shared their best tips for businesses.

15 Effective Ways to Strengthen and Enforce Core Company Values

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A company's core values are the most important part of its culture and ethos. As a leader, it's your job to enforce and live those values every day. The modern employee and consumer want to know that companies care about more than just sales and profit. People are more motivated to work -- and consumers are more likely to patronize a brand—when they believe a company's values align with their own. As a business, messaging about your core values should come from the top and be enforced within your culture every day. Below, 15 members of Newsweek Expert Forum share their tips for strengthening a company's core values and making sure that they are enforced. Follow their recommendations to ensure your team and your customers know exactly what you stand for.

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SaJo Advisors specializes in creating high-value opportunities for our clients to scale and improve the financial performance of their business. We create value by developing, shaping, and leading focused marketing, communications, and business development initiatives to increase market visibility and generate revenue growth. Our clients are market leaders in technology, innovation, hospitality, aerospace and defense, and healthcare. Our talented executives provide expertise on a project, contract, part-time, or interim basis.



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