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Nine Tips to Follow Using Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Social Media Presence

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Shifting noncritical social media tasks to virtual assistants allows employees to focus more on other business initiatives. With business growth comes the need to maximize social media efforts to increase efficiency and elevate the organization’s online standing. One way to do this is by hiring a virtual assistant to take on social media tasks, such as scheduling posts or communicating with stakeholders online, thereby freeing up time for employees to work on other business initiatives.   Though virtual assistants are fast becoming a simple solution for offloading noncritical tasks, managers must be careful given the importance that’s placed on social media today. A skill mismatch or improper training can do more harm than good in the long term. Below, nine members of Newsweek Expert Forum share recommendations for managers to keep in mind as they use virtual assistants to grow their business’ social media presence.

16 Leaders Share Business Challenges That Can Double as Teachable Moments

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Each and every challenge brings with it the opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur. When a leader is dealing with an obstacle, thinking of the lasting value of that business challenge isn’t usually what comes to mind in the heat of the moment. However, once a leader has had time to reflect, each and every challenge has the potential to positively impact their organization going forward.  Below, a panel of Newsweek Expert Forum members share specific challenges business owners faced and how leaders can use those experiences as a moment to learn and make lasting changes.

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Penn Medicine Becker ENT & Allergy

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Penn Medicine Becker ENT & Allergy is Central and Southern New Jersey’s most trusted source for comprehensive ear, nose, and throat (ENT) care, hearing aids, and hearing loss treatment. We combine knowledge, skill, training, and experience with advanced technology to treat a broad range of ENT & otolaryngology disorders. Our Services Patients at Penn Medicine Becker ENT & Allergy can look forward to specialized care for a wide range of health problems. Our staff includes otolaryngologists, audiologists, facial plastic surgeons, allergists, speech-language pathologists, and nurse practitioners so that we can meet our patients’ complex and unique needs under one roof. Some of the ENT conditions we treat include: Nasal and sinus problems Allergies Snoring Sleep apnea Chronic ear infections Hearing loss Tinnitus Balance disorders Hearing aids Voice and swallowing difficulties Thyroid disease Facial plastic surgery Routine hearing loss testing, balloon sinuplasty, rhinoplasty, allergy shots, hearing aids, and sinus surgery are all treatment options we offer. Each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to meet their individual needs and may involve multiple therapies from different specialists at our office working together. Patients who are struggling with any type of problem that is related to the ears, nose, or throat, are encouraged to schedule a consultation at one of our New Jersey offices.